Welcome to «STAR WAY» - a website of an online program in which it is possible to launch a stable super profitable business by using such modern practices of natal astrology as personal horoscopes.

The business model of « STAR WAY has no analogues in the world.

Join us and get:


« STAR WAY» is  modern scentific development, created by The Practical Astrology Institute (unter the guidance of Sergej Kurapov) and with the assistance of professional astrologers of other countries. Our astrological program has been combined the latest achievements of astrology. It take few minutes to analyse current position of planets in relation to each person and  create precise individual horoscope for a certain period of time. Our individual horoscopes contain definite recommendations following which you will not only get success but also avoid failures in such important spheres of your life as: business, finance, love, health, travelling and so on.

Every time you buy a horoscope you automatically invest in your business. Our company enables you to earn more than € 300 000 with minimal investment.
« Star Way» enables you to have your own flexible working schedule and make huge profit with minimal effort.
Through our model you will get an opportunity to receive passive profit and determine reinvestment amount on every phase of your business activity.
You are awarded for every participant invited and registered under your referral link.
Our natal horoscopes will guide you in your « Star Way» activity providing you with useful information about exact time periods favorable for your business. Such guidance will definitely lead you to unbelievable results!


for 1 day - 5 EUR
for 1 week - 20 EUR
for 1 month - 50 EUR
for 1 year - 100 EUR


In the horoscope for 1 year period is reflected in the whole of the current year, broken down per month.

In the horoscope for 1 month period is reflected in the current month, broken down weekly.

In the horoscope for 1 week period is reflected in the current week, broken down by each day.

In the horoscope on day 1 hour period is reflected in the day ordered.

«STAR WAY» -your success is predictable!

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