ExampleHoroskope Finance Horoscope
Period Yearly
Starting date 2017.03.22.
Ending date 2018.03.22.

  • Where Jupiter is in the personal horoscope, there you can see the instructions to areas of life and business, which may be accompanied by success, progress, expansion of sphere of influence, the acquisition of new opportunities and knowledge.

  • Jupiter passes 5 house

    Now you can venture a little, using some of the capital for speculation on the stock exchange. And if you are a person not inclined to take risks, invest in gold, jewelry, diamonds, as well as in real estate and premium vehicles. In this period, joint business with your children is also possible. Another area of possible investments can be sport, sports promotion, the creation of places for training, construction of new sports and entertainment facilities. In general, this is a positive and profitable time for the elements risks, games, and excitement. Just remember that this time will not last forever, and do not flirt.

  • Stressful interaction Jupiter Venus of your horoscope

    Now it is not worth to spend a disproportionate amount on cultural events, presentations, or advertising. Maintain a reasonable budget or spend on advertising campaigns at another time. Also, try to stay within reasonable limits in respect of personal consumption; do not buy just for the sake of prestige unreasonably expensive things. Earning using personal connections may not work out at this time. Neither should expectations of the financial capacity of your partner should be too high.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017, --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Jupiter Jupiter of your horoscope

    This is an auspicious time for all jobs, earnings, and investments. This period is especially good for intellectual work, as well as international business contacts. You can purchase securities, currencies. It is good to learn business now. Sales in this period are going well too. Now the whole social environment is conducive to your business, and, therefore, for earnings. You can expand your field of action to strengthen your headship.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Jupiter with the Sun of your horoscope

    Good period for earnings. Revenues may well increase. The only important thing is not to be lazy. It is useful to arrange profitable meetings. Thanks to the help of patrons, revenues will increase. You may learn business, as well as philosophy and spirituality, because, as practice shows, changes in the mind very quickly lead to changes in the wallet. Now is a good time to do so.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Jupiter Moon of your horoscope

    Good time for home purchases, acquisitions of furniture, the purchase of a house or land. Listen to family members, especially women, in the planning of purchases. This is good time to work in restaurants, services, or trade. Focus on the customer. It is the number of customers which now will determine your earnings. Be especially attentive to the needs and feelings of people: partners, customers, and clients.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Jupiter Mercury of your horoscope

    This is a good time to travel, go on various business trips or scientific conferences. Go there in a heartbeat. You may hold promotional activities, addressing the rational perception of your potential buyers. This is good time for studying or training. Sales may increase. You may also purchase office equipment and media. You may publish information about yourselves and your company in the media or send resume if looking for work.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Jupiter Venus of your horoscope

    Rely on nice people and loved ones - now it is possible to agree with them, hire them, or close a contract with them. Try you arrange your office; apply to the bright light of publicity, using aesthetic and even somewhat erotic images to enhance the appeal of your company. It is also a good time to buy beautiful things and objects of art, give presentations, organize joint cultural events with employees and business partners. Assets invested in these things will pay off.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2018
  • Favorable interaction Jupiter Saturn of your horoscope

    This time is opportune for the start of long-term projects in the real sector of the economy. Rely on the law and the state support. You can make good money in the legal profession or in public service. It is possible to optimize tax payments without violating the law. You may work with raw materials and minerals. As regards opening new accounts, is better to choose a bank which receives state support.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2018
  • Interaction Jupiter Neptune of your horoscope

    If you are not satisfied with something in the material sphere, start with a change of consciousness. It is time to change your attitude to money. Perhaps you are too afraid of losing it or worship wealth this should not be done. Also, do not despise the rich or think that wealth is always unfair - this attitude will impede your making money honestly. Try to participate in charitable or environmental programs. If you are rich, donate money, if not, just do some volunteer work.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2018
  • Saturn's presence in the personal horoscope indicates areas of life that need special attention that are to be treated with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. Here a person is matched in accordance to the position he is holding, taken by him obligations and where most seriously he can be shown made mistakes and violations. During this period most likely problems, limitations, high voltage, load increase, troubles may take place, during this period it is most likely you have to deal with serious problems and act strictly according to the rules with caution.

  • Saturn passes 6 house

    During this period, the pattern is simple: you have to work. And you have to do so more than usual, while not causing damage to your health. You will have to learn restraint, self-discipline, and the ability to execute instructions. Your employees, the overall working conditions, and the production process may require additional expenses which will bring benefit to them, not for you: to increase their wages, create better working conditions, update equipment, or ensure compliance with environmental requirements. At this time it is useful to learn some practical skills.

  • Stressful interaction Saturn with the Sun of your horoscope

    Legal aspects may create obstacles in the way of your income. Perhaps you have neglected the law, and now have to pay the price. In such case, bring your activities into the compliance with the law. Now you should not seek to expand the scope of your business or invest money in it. It is better to focus on a specific area where your expertise is highest. Financial speculation at this time is unlikely to be successful. Also, now the conditions of getting a loan may be complicated.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017, --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Stressful interaction Saturn Mars of your horoscope

    It is a time of increased danger. Try to devise measures to get protection against thefts and robberies, as well as from the pressure security forces and law enforcement agencies. Make order in documentation, make a backup copy. Car accidents or traffic police sanctions may also make you incur into spending. Fire damage is also possible, just as expenditure related to a lawsuit.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017, --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Saturn Moon of your horoscope

    Join activities with family members in order to stabilize income, making it more reliable. Think about getting income from real estate by renting out or about organizing a home office. You may earn providing service to specific target groups - students, kindergartners, patients, clinics and hospitals, other groups of ordinary people. In this period, you may consider the terms of a mortgage, if you do need it.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2018
  • Stressful interaction Saturn Mercury of your horoscope

    Now it is helpful to reduce travel costs, as well as those of advertising. Look where your personal or corporate funds are most inefficiently used, and try to remove or reorganize this link. For example, instead of personal transport, use the public one (or vice versa). It may be worth reducing some purchases or do them elsewhere. Try not to make a mistake in accounting, calculating taxes and utility bills, because now it will result in financial sanctions.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2018 - --- 2018
  • Favorable interaction Pluto Saturn of your horoscope

    Try to rely on on large, reputable organizations, both private and public. Now it is a good time to build long- term financial plans. There is a chance to get a large government order.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Stressful interaction Pluto Venus of your horoscope

    Now there is a risk of a hostile takeover of your company by more powerful competitors. Loan terms may turn out unprofitable for you. Be careful in dealing with large corporations as well as joint activities, which can only be beneficial to them, not to you.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Favorable interaction Uranus with the Sun of your horoscope

    This time is opportune to make mental or creative work. It is also great for those who have a computer. You can search for jobs online. Now you should not accept a job with a tough schedule and hierarchy, because you would be so disgusted that you would leave anyway. You must look for something more flexible and free, with no vertical structures. This is a good time for actors and singers, artists, filmmakers, and other artists. Remember, now that freedom is more important for you than stability.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017
  • Stressful interaction Neptune Jupiter of your horoscope

    Do not give in to the pressure of public opinion and fashion; avoid buying unnecessary things. It is not necessary to participate in the activities of the organizations whose aims and methods are not close to you. Also, do not try to engage in speculation, seek easy enrichment -now it is an illusion.

    Period of the strongest manifestation of this influence: --- 2017 - --- 2017, --- 2018 - --- 2018

Astrological forecast is based on the basis of a joint analysis of your birth chart (horoscope), and the exact position of the planets in the forecast period. Based on your birth data we computed and built your individual horoscope, and then analyzed the most significant astrological influence (the motion of planets), consistently, day after day during the forecast period and their impact on your horoscope. As the result we provide you with the individual for you forecast of the major astrological influences. They create a wide range of opportunities and wide range of challenges, thus giving you the choice for certain actions. Provide, but do not oblige. The choice is always yours! Knowing the nature of the effects and time when they are most strongly manifested, you can estimate the degree of difficulty and time to take advantage of these opportunities. You even get the creator of your destiny. The forecast provides guidance to the nature of the effects, the intervals of time when they are most strongly exist: recommendations regarding the optimal behavior during these time intervals in order to achieve success and stability in business. This allows at any time to tailor one's life to cosmic rhythms, unbreakable connection with which is predetermined by nature.

Planetary influences may occur with varying degrees of strength. They can either reinforce each other or contradict each other. Not all the influences can be felt, understood, lead to significant events. In the case of conflicting trends it makes sense to rely on favorable ones and be attentive to matters in those areas for which there is intense impact. 'Tense', 'conflict' and 'complex' effects suggest that the situation in your life needs some changes and it is likely that they will occur. This is the most intense time, which requires understanding of the situation, switching on and studying, usage of energy and strength. Then the changes may be important and positive, this can become the move to another level. 'Tense' aspects can also mean that you will be emotional, irritable, agitated, aggressive more than the usual, so during this time be rigorous to yourself, control yourself and be critical. The presence of intense effects does not mean that you should refuse things that are important to you, you simply need to assess the influence of the circumstances at the moment and make the most rational decision. To neutralize difficult situations try to use time when there are favorable influences along with the tense influences. Favorable influences suggest that the time is good for a particular action and result in this field will be easier to achieve than at any other time. They also point out that this is the best time to reveal your talents, abilities, your potential.

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