In the poem, you can view all the "planets" of the classic set, except for the Sun. But this is not remarkable - in any large work one can find planetary types, - the main thing is that astrological types pass in front of the reader in the order of the pl
From antiquity, astrologers were at the courts of the kings who suggested to the sovereign the most favorable time for making management decisions.
Pushkin was born under the sign of TWINS, and besides, during the period when the Sun was connected with the most positive of the planets - Jupiter. Such a connection promises a born fame and glory. The airy nature of the sign of Gemini contributed to the
The Norwegian Quality Assurance Agency for Education (NOKUT) officially recognized the Herkules School of Astrology as the institution of Higher Professional EDUCATION, which will allow its graduates to receive a state-recognized ASTROLOGUE.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Firstly, each new moon provides an opportunity for new beginnings. Secondly, the new moon always takes on the characteristics of the sign in which it is located. So the new moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury. And that means communicat
Today is June 3 - the day of the NEW LUNE, and this is not the most auspicious day. Astrologers recommend not to strain and postpone important things for later.

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