Today 05/31/2019 The moon is in the “Waning Moon” phase. 27 lunar day. Moon in zodiac sign Taurus. The day of the week is Friday, under the auspices of Venus.
In the horoscope of Jeanne Mars in conjunction with Ketu was in 9 (mystical) degree of Virgo.
Walt Disney knew his natal chart. In the map there were very weak indications of the opportunity to earn a lot of money. But he applied all his energy precisely in the area in which he had great abilities. Walt Disney has achieved success. If Walt Disney
June 10 - Big Cross. June 14 - Mars opposition with Saturn. June 16 - the opposition of Mercury with Saturn. June 19 - the opposition of Mercury and Mars with the Moon and Pluto. June 24 - T-square of Venus, Jupiter, the Moon and Neptune.
Today is May 27 - the real Monday. On this day of the week, the moon rules the world - the influence of this planet will last from May 27, 2019 from 2:12 to 23:59. This period is considered ADVERSE. Monday’s energy is feminine, restless, calming and pass
According to the lunar calendar, June 2019 will begin the phase of the waning moon, which will last until June 3. This period is considered an opportune time to complete important cases and take stock. The influence of the moon on the actions and behavior

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