This is a good day. He inspires and gives gifts. You will wake up interest in moving forward, new hobbies and goals will appear. The connection will be in Gemini, so the karmic events of the day will be associated with new knowledge and impressions, learn
The aspect, at first glance, is unpleasant. Many plans these days will be frustrated. You may lose something important for you personally related to your family, privacy, parents, due to force majeure.
First of all, for Crayfish, because the Sun will collect all the cones on July 10-20, and it’s just in this time in the sign of Cancer. So the Cancers, as well as their counterparts on the Cross - Aries, Libra and Capricorn, need to prepare for important
On July 4, 1862, during a picnic, Charles Dodgson began telling ALICE Liddell the story of a girl who had followed the rabbit into Wonderland.
As they say, Friday, for the mood before the weekend: how far astrology has gone in a person’s daily life.
In the few hours following the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997 in Paris, the Internet was inundated with astrological information. Her natal and transit cards appeared everywhere. Each astrologer had his own opinion about which planets could c
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