On May 28, an important astrological event is ahead - the ingression of Mercury as a sign of Cancer. Mercury controls communication and movement, and each of us goes somewhere and communicates with someone every day.
In June 2020, the stars will present great luck. Astrologers distinguish 4 signs of the zodiac, which are waiting for incredible success and a solid white stripe for the rest of the year.
It is worth refraining from starting new business. You can return to the old unfinished business and ideas that you for some reason once could not realize. You can search for the missing and restore old things, find new uses for familiar things.
Venus in Gemini gravitates to talking about love, romantic correspondence and love lyrics. She incites in any, the most innocuous conversation, add flirty intonations and spicy hints.
Representatives of this sign will celebrate their birthdays for the next month, and everyone else is waiting for a new stage in the annual cycle dedicated to information and communications.
Saturn’s energy is heavy, but relatively understandable and predictable. In astrology, this planet is considered more creative, so the beginning of retrograde can be called a negative day. The same applies to the entire period as a whole - until September
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