Astrology and Medicine


Until relatively recently, the human body remained a mystery for both doctors and ordinary people, therefore, for centuries, illness and astrology went hand in hand. It was believed that every sign of the zodiac affects a certain part of the body: for example, Pisces controls the legs, Aries - the head, and Scorpio - the sexual organs. Medieval hairdressers-surgeons could treat patients with complaints of chronic abdominal pain with operations or bleeding, but the stomach was under the authority of Virgo, and if the Moon was in Virgo, this was a bad omen for any operations.
Some illnesses and illnesses were also associated with certain signs - so Gemini is associated with accidents, problems of the arms and shoulders and nervous disorders. Virgo is associated with worms and intestinal disorders, and Capricorn with leprosy and skin diseases. Doctors probably found it a good idea to treat people by mapping the starry sky at a time when a person got sick, who could tell from what a person is suffering, and how to treat it.
In addition, astrological effects on herbs, plants and other means were taken into account, and the course of treatment often depended on what the stars advised. The disease itself was also given to the mercy of astrological cycles, since it was believed that the location of the stars dictates the time of appearance and disappearance of symptoms and the possibility of recovery of the patient.


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