In a few days, namely on December 30, the full moon will rise over the Earth.


In a few days, namely on December 30, the full moon will rise over the Earth.

FULL MOON will come on 12/30/2020 at 05:28.
This is the 16th lunar day in the lunar calendar. The moon will be in the Cancer zodiac sign.
The moon will illuminate 100%. Moonrise at 16:08 and sunset at 08:22.

The full moon, due to its strong energy, directly affects people and other living organisms. This day is characterized by emotional instability and feelings of mental anxiety. Misunderstanding is growing in society, conflicts and quarrels are becoming more frequent.

What CAN you do on the full moon December 30th?
You should try to be calm and moderate, not to go to extremes.
This is a great time to be active at work and mentally.
A very fruitful time for self-development, creativity and creation.

What should NOT be done on the full moon December 30th?
You shouldn't do serious business on this full moon. Any business that requires precision and thoughtfulness should be postponed for a while. The same goes for large purchases and financial costs.

Success will be crowned with business related to finance, shopping and acquisitions.
There may be an unexpected turn in your life. Intuition and foresight will help you make a profit. Luck is on your side.

Small family troubles can upset you. You need to be patient and go through difficulties in relationships with loved ones.

Success will come with finance, purchases and acquisitions. Emotional flexibility and goodwill towards people around you on this day will help lay the foundations for financial recovery or future career success.

You can successfully realize yourself in entrepreneurial, financial activities. Free time is better to devote to creativity.

The day promises to be auspicious. The first half of it will be held in beneficial friendly and business communication. To achieve harmony, try to avoid selfishness.

Conclusion of profitable deals is possible. In the afternoon, there is a high probability of a pleasant surprise and unexpected news that will have a beneficial effect on your life.

There may be an unexpected turn in your life, and not necessarily a positive one. Probably, a high life potential and a thirst for activity will make you satisfy a momentary interest, risking everything for the sake of ghostly goals. Stars warn of disappointments and failures, not only in work, but also in personal life.

There is a high probability of successfully realizing oneself in entrepreneurial and financial activities. You are capable of handling many things at work. And your activity and efficiency will be noted by your bosses or business partners. Free time is better to devote to creativity.

Vital activity reaches its climax. Feel free to move forward - innate gentleness and external charm will help resolve any conflicts. Do not refuse help, whatever it may be.

Difficulties in relationships with loved ones are possible. It is possible that everyone is tired of your emotional outbursts, constant discontent and whims.
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