Mercury on March 17 moves into the constellation Pisces


From tomorrow, March 17 to April 4, it is recommended to refuse to fill out the documentation and other work that requires extreme concentration.
This is due to the transition of Mercury from the neutral sign of Aquarius to the constellation Pisces.

Astrologers say about a similar phenomenon that Mercury is visiting Neptune (Neptune is the lord of the 12th sign of the zodiac).
Such a neighborhood is not very comfortable for both.
Neptune forces you to shift the focus of attention from some externally manifested themes of Aquarius to something subtle.
How will this manifest?
Many will want to dive into themselves and almost barricade themselves. Your finest hour has come for those who like to dig deeper into themselves.

One of the few, but valuable options that Pisces Mercury delegates to people is the sharpening of intuition.
Until April 4, you can safely rely on your inner voice, think with your heart.
The aggravated absent-mindedness can act as the minuses of Neptunian Mercury.
This is a difficult time for those who are used to assessing everything that happens from the standpoint of reason. They can fall into an unprecedented state of daydreaming and fantasy.
In collectives, the time may come for undercover games, intrigues and deceptions.
Indecisive people can just start chatting non-stop just to try to hide their own feelings.

An important Mercurian layer - the informational one - deserves a special comment.
You need to check passwords on all your accounts, hide valuable data from one "cloud" into another - more "cloudy".
Do not leave your passport data anywhere. It must be remembered that the strange sensations in the area of ​​the pockets at the moment when you are standing in line at the supermarket checkout do not bode well. Better to check your wallet.

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