This restless sign in the Year of the Pig is not worth waiting for stability. Streltsam (November 23 - December 22) was prepared to undergo a series of tests in the service and in personal life. Many representatives of this sign are waiting for a new job, which will open up good earnings prospects. Especially lucky Sagittarius in the agricultural and scientific fields of activity. Include natural ingenuity and quick-wittedness to reach the desired level without any problems and grief.

You should avoid dark wages and frauds - Mumps does not like it. All illegal actions will certainly be disclosed, which will lead to disastrous results, including dismissal from work. Family Streltsy need to say goodbye to doubts about the partner's dishonesty.

If you do not stop your distrust, then you will definitely push your loved one to change, and this threatens to part. Free Sagittarius will have many fleeting meetings, but none will lead to a serious relationship. In health, the astrological horoscope predicts a difficult period. This is especially true of Streltsov, who are accustomed to drink alcohol with stress. This method in the year of the Pig will lead to liver problems, metabolic disorders, obesity.

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