Strawberry Full Moon June 17, 2019


What are the astrological features of the first summer full moon of 2019?

Firstly, the first summer full moon takes place in a not very calm sign - the FIERY ARCHITECTOR. However, you should not be afraid: the energy of the mark, though quite powerful, but predictable and focused. The probability of unpleasant surprises on this day, according to astrologers, will be as low as possible.

Secondly. On this day, you can change the situation, feel free to go in search of inspiration to other cities and even countries. Sagittarius will awaken the craving for knowledge and information.

Thirdly, there will be no change in the love sphere.

Fourthly, in the financial and business sphere, on the contrary, you need to be active. The projects started on this day will be quite promising and successful.

The astrologer reminds: in a full moon, people tend to exaggerate everything, so try not to succumb to emotions and not make rash decisions.

On this day, do not demand anything from those around you. Refrain from overeating and alcohol. Rest more. On this day, a general increase in vitality and improvement of health, an increase in intuition, and more effective interaction with other people are expected.

Favorable strawberry full moon-2019 for the realization of creative abilities.

Most of the full moon will affect Gemini, Virgos and Pisces. Sensual and romantic natures will feel a certain surge of energy and desire to drastically change something in their lives.


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