The waning Moon. The fourth phase.


This is the time when it is better to work on achieving quality, to work out the details, to bring it to the proper level. All kinds of unloading detas, fasts, cleaning procedures are best carried out on the waning Moon. It is believed that to part with what you want to get rid of, to complete something better on the waning Moon. For example, it is better to leave the old job on the waning moon, and go to the new one - on the growing one.

The fourth phase (270-360). You are already wise and experienced. Put in the" piggy bank "what deserves it and has prospects and "throw overboard" what turned out to be superfluous and interfering. Make room for new tasks and new beginnings. Pay off your debts, make final payments, fulfill your promises, and get what you deserve. Do not forget to thank in one way or another those who have provided you with any services, helped you and treated your problems and affairs with understanding. Follow the rules and proven methods. Now is not the time to experiment, especially if you are not quite ready for them yet. This is the time of "working on mistakes" and preparing the "soil" for future "crops". And be sure to take at least a small break before the next "jerk". Moreover, before the New Moon, many people feel a decline in strength, get tired faster, and the reaction slows down.


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