In Alexander's horoscope there is a Sun in Gemini, White Moon in Cancer and Mars in Leo. This constellation of planets forms a configuration, which is called “Roof” in the grand duke's horoscope, which EXECUTED THE GREAT MISSION, playing the role of guar
The planet NEPTUNE in ASTROLOGY is responsible for intuition, inspiration, religion, mysticism, illusions, dreams, fantasies, ideals. Neptune governs the sign of the zodiac Pisces and the twelfth house
The French have offered to celebrate this day, and now this initiative is supported by lovers of this delicacy in many countries of the world. On this day in a huge number of countries various events are held: festivals, exhibitions, master classes devote
In astrology, Mercury governs communication, intelligence, and time. When the nearest and fastest planet to Earth goes back down, it is these areas of our life that suffer the most. We can predictably encounter travel problems, misunderstandings and all s
Staying in power for one year and a rather inglorious LOST OF THE THRONE and even life itself speak of a possibly unsuccessful construction of a BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT around itself.
Crayfish born today are extremely pragmatic. Therefore, they can be said of them that they are more concerned with results than with theories. As founders and initiators, they are able not only to create a particular organization, family or business, but
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