A long time ago, astrologers and magicians of ancient times noticed the relationship of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets with certain weather phenomena. How this happens - whether the positions of the luminaries and planets affect the weather or
So, what is "STAR WAY"? First of all, individual horoscopes, which contain clear recommendations, following which you can not only achieve success, but also avoid failures in such important areas of life as: business, finance, love, health, travel and re
Do planets affect the weather? The answer is simple! Yes! Influence! How? Everything is simple! The science of astrometeorology seeks to understand how planetary influences affect the weather. Astrometeorology itself has roots in ancient times. A lon
The planetary influences of September 2022 contribute to slowing down processes in all areas of life. Passivity will manifest itself in everything, and attempts to speed things up will lead to even greater stagnation. All higher (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) a
Interesting facts about stars • There are more double star systems in the known part of the Universe than single ones. • The surface temperature of a star is many orders of magnitude lower than the temperature of its core. • Brown dwarfs, or protostars
Belief in astrology, omens and divination.
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