So what are the stars and planets telling us today? The coming days are favorable for personal meetings and acquaintances, for creative activity, for everything related to art and aesthetics, for social events, exhibitions, beauty salons, for resolving c
Let's talk about the telescope this time, because it is he who is the main astronomical instrument. For example, do you know that a telescope with a concave mirror lens is called a reflector, and a telescope with a lens lens is called a refractor? The
Wednesday is the day Mercury rules.
April 12 - Mars Day. The energy of Mars can be used for those requiring a lot of strength and strong-willed pressure, personal initiative, receptivity, courage, courage, speed. Not surprisingly, on this day in 1961, the first man flew into space - Yuri G
Sometimes love fades, but then it flares up again. Familiar? Yes, heavenly bodies can shake up your personal! This week, the energy of the night luminaries can generate something similar. Night luminaries will make their own adjustments, which may not
Do you know that tomorrow, according to the horoscope, is a wonderful day that has every chance of being a stepping stone on the way to your cherished goal? Already tomorrow, everything sown earlier promises to sprout, so that those who have long and stu
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