Do not throw stones at someone else's garden – it is better to deal with your own one.

Despite the fact that agriculture is subject to certain rules and laws established by ages, each zodiac sign understands them, of course, in different way. Some break the tradition, while others support it and strongly believe in its firmness. For some, the harvest is the goal of their lives, while others go out of town to enjoy the ‘wildlife’ in their garden. Some are worried about what the neighbors will think if they see even a single weed in their garden, while others, sitting in their hammock, do not care of anything of this kind. We all have different goals and different results. But, of course, we are all united by the love of nature, because other kinds of persons would not be interested in this very specific calendar.


For this rapid sign, it is necessary that everything around him or her grows rapidly and violently, even at the expense of the yield. And everything which has been grown has to be as rapidly eaten. Therefore, as a rule, Aries people like to grow such plants which can be directly served. Mars, the god of war, protects this sign, and leads it to victory. This is essential when you need to deal with pests. Aries enthusiastically and openly get engaged in the battle with them - they have no equal in the weeding, grubbing, cutting and burning of fallen enemies. Aries get quickly lit up with a new idea, but cool down just as quickly, so their gardens can often show traces of enthusiastic but unfinished activities. Aries may well understand medicinal herbs, or at least believe that they do so - their unwavering confidence in this ability certainly contributes to the healing power of the concoctions they make.


These people are those who grow basically those plants which are useful on their gardens. Flowers and ornamental plants, as a rule, occupy the smallest area on the gardens of these people. With hard work and perseverance, they grow things edible and useful. Their gardens and orchards bring excellent harvest. It remains a mystery how they manage to get such yield of four acres which would do credit to a small farm. They are capable of achieving great results even on the windowsill, growing in the winter as much as the less fertile signs do in the summer. Everything that has a sweet taste usually takes priority for Taurus-gourmets – this often determines the choice of plant types. The three cornerstones of their agricultural policies are simplicity, unpretentiousness and practicality.


Gemenians are curious gardeners always capable to entertain themselves in the garden. They pick information, are smart, and always keep pace. Undoubtedly, superficiality is sometimes typical of them. They usually know all the neighbors, are always aware of all the suburban news, and quickly adapt to any changes. In their gardens, there is usually a lot of grass, partly because of their mutual affection, and partly because they are not interested in weeding. This trait can be successfully used for the cultivation of medicinal herbs. Typically, the garden of Gemini startles a great number of people whom this sociable sign happily invites. Moreover, the diversity of the garden can evolve each season anew, for Gemenians are not famous for their constancy.


Cancerians are careful and sensitive to everything, including the garden or vegetable garden. And, of course, they can count on the full benefit. Only the strong Taureans match the magnificence of the agricultural Cancerians. Their internal rhythm is in tune with the moon cycle, which has the greatest impact on the plants too, so we can say that Cancerians speak the same language as plants, easily understanding each other. This kind of understanding is perhaps much more difficult for Cancer people to achieve when they communicate with people. This is why those Cancerians who can enjoy the countryside all year round are lucky, as opposed to those who go to the nature only on vacation. The desire to protect themselves and their family from starvation induces them to doing extensive agricultural activities. Family members are simply obliged to pay tribute to it, when sitting at the family table. In their garden, everything is usually quite traditional, but still arranged with big imagination.


Gardening for the Leonians is the place where they express their colorful personality. They are usually not too concerned about the high yield. In general, toiling from dawn to dusk is not for kings. But they can easily inspire others to do that. And in the meantime, they will happily get engaged in a summer romance. But if they decide to grow something, everything will be just the way they like, or their interest in the case will immediately disappear. Many Lions see their garden in terms of how easy and fun it will be for their children to play outdoors there. Comfortable chaise longue on a nice lawn in the sunshine overlooking the lovingly cultivated flowers – that is what Leo summer house residents need (no way to be confused with the gardeners).


Virgo is not too fertile, by definition. And if Virgo begins the battle for the harvest, the victory will take place only because of their efficiency, orderliness, the desire to adhere strictly to all sorts of rules, regulations, and not to overlook any detail. Their garden pleases the eye with its orderliness. If there are a lot of sophisticated and care demanding of plants, it can exhaust the economic Virgin, who does everything him- or herself, not trusting anyone, not missing anything, and wanting everything to be perfect. Therefore, the most convenient plant for the Virgin is ornamental shrubs, not too fussy and pleasing to the eye. Virgin enjoys the favor of all sorts of healthy salads and herbs. Virgo’s character traits are great for fruit, vegetable, and berries picking, and their subsequent preservation. Virgos can be advised to avoid fatigue and alternate weeding with a pleasant relaxation in a hammock and walks in the fresh air.


Libra aspires to beauty and harmony. In contrast to the practical and down to earth Taurus and Cancer, they are more interested in their flower beds, ornamental trees, and shrubs. Under the influence of Venus controlling them, Libra tends to create beautiful environment, while primitive horticultural joy is not typical of them. Libra appreciates the harmonious co-operation; therefore, no one knows better than them how to sow seeds, what plants are compatible, and which ones should be kept away from each other. No one will arrange a lawn more beautifully; their flower beds are pleasing to the eye; it would have been better if they had more determination and responsibility, because then they would have been able to turn their gardens to aesthetically perfect ones. And if vegetable gardening still falls within the scope of Libra’s interests, they will surely grow something delicious and not heavy weight.


Agricultural success of Scorpio will wholly depend on his or her will. As a rule, they successfully remove all unnecessary and clear space for new shoots. Being, by definition, researchers, they seek to get insight into the processes; consequently, they know a lot of gardening and vegetable gardening secrets. As for themselves, they often experience shortages of energy and sustainability. Thus Scorpions prefer persistent and low-maintenance plants, which may occupy major places in their gardens, along with plants which have thorns, spines, or stings. Just like Aries, they are always ready to fight the pests, but use other methods - strive to strike the enemy stealthily, giving preference to toxic substances. Nobody matches them in the art of applying fertilizers. What an extraordinary harvest of mushrooms those Scorpios who take up the cultivation of fungi on a compost heap must expect. Scorpios can be advised to exercise more patience, kindness, and care for plants while cultivating them.


Sagittarians tend to like to be in nature, taking a break from civilization. Being genuinely a bit nomadic, they rarely settle in one place. Neither do they favor routine or hard work, which is inevitable for those who want to get a good harvest. On the other hand, they actually do not mind a good harvest. If they get engaged in gardening, they give preference to overseas seeds and plants, and happily adopt the experience of foreign experts. Sagittarians tend to expand their space, and their neighbors may resent the fact that their plants smoothly go beyond the boundaries of their gardens. Sagittarius are often lucky in life, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that their gardens are the last to be attacked by droughts and frosts. Sagittarians like open areas and plants explicitly growing upward. In general, Sagittarians should not forget that they are responsible for what they have planted, because for them it is not a problem to make up their mind, and leave everything to its fate.


Capricorns’ attitude is always serious and responsible. Their gardens are not exceptions. They are very much attuned to effectiveness, and if they do not have any other important goals or objectives, they will immerse in the problems of their gardens not paying attention to anything else. These industrious and rational people can achieve a lot, because they are very much used to work. In their gardens, there is clear order, smooth, regular-shape beds, and well-trimmed trees and shrubs, without anything superfluous. Sometimes they give more importance to the form than the content, and tend to follow the rules scrupulously too, being wary of new ideas and techniques. It is difficult to agree with Capricorn, and if they plant vegetables, while other family members want berries, it is easier to go and buy those berries on the market than to convince Capricorn to modify his or her rules.


Despite the independent and freedom-loving nature of Aquarians, they are very much attached to the land. The harmonious combination of hard-working Saturn and Uranus full of new and original ideas (and it is these two who patronize Aquarius) is very fruitful. However, if the equilibrium is disturbed and Saturn wins, the garden of Aquarius is similar to that of Capricorn; if Uranus outweighs, there is no harvest at all, because Aquarians are so passionate about their ideas that they forget to take care of their implementation. Aquarians like to learn new things, experiment, and, as a rule, do everything on their own. As a result, they come up with new varieties, unprecedented hybrids, and innovative techniques. But Aquarians are carried away by changes, and it is difficult for them to stop. And, of course, by definition, the most favorite pastime of Aquarius is watering, which sometimes is taken to the extreme, thus, absolutely destroying the plants. Therefore, most Aquarians have a strong friendship – that with moisture-loving plants.


Their gardens are usually shaded, cool even on the hottest day, and fragrant, as Pisces appreciate scented flowers. Some Pisces deal a lot with medicinal plants. In agricultural work, they rather follow intuition than the generally accepted rules, and prefer to grow plants that do not deteriorate too quickly. Pisces are usually not easy to part with the past, and therefore their garden often looks somewhat neglected because of the degraded plants that less sentimental people would have thrown away. And indeed, many Pisces are inclined to anarchy. These people like pristine nature more than decorative or practical gardens. Other Pisces, however, let their unbridled imagination unleash in such a way as to get enchanted the people passing by. In case of yet another type of Pisces, imagination remains fantasy. Among Pisces, there are winemakers, to which their patron Neptune pushes them. And some are even thinking about hemp. Like Taurus, Pisces prefer sweet vegetables and fruit; similar to Aquarians, they do not miss the opportunity to water their garden.

We are what we eat. But it is also important how and where we eat. This section of our calendar will help to navigate the sea of the vast variety of tastes and characteristics typical of the different signs of the zodiac. We would both like to indulge ourselves, and to please our family and friends with what we have grown, harvested, and cooked. All this should be taken into account when we exert efforts growing food and then offer it to our guests. Moreover, much has already been said about the value of the products grown by ourselves and in our own climate zone.


In cooking, as in so much else, Arians act at their own risk, and therefore are not insured against mistakes. On the other hand, it is them, who are not afraid of bold experiments, who sometimes manage to invent interesting new dishes. Typically active and impetuous, Arians are big meat-eaters, because they have to constantly charge themselves with energy. But what wonderful variety of side dishes this resourceful zodiac sign can prepare, especially from the plants lovingly grown by them. Mars’s patronage leaves reddish tint on the gastronomic predilections of this sign - tomatoes, beets, red apples, peppers. And Arians who are winemakers are likely to prefer red wine. However, Arians who drink wine do not reject stronger alcoholic beverages, usually purchased in stores. Do not forget the fresh herbs and spices. And instead of tea or coffee, they should rather brew briar. Arians should eat right away what they have just picked, without delay or processing. Being leaders everywhere, let it be the garden or the kitchen, Aries will rightly get the fruit of their labor on their table.


The way to the heart of a Taurus is through his or her stomach. The taste is usually valued more than appearance. Not necessarily diverse, the food has to be satisfying. And why split hairs, if there are ready, proven, and sturdy recipes. Dishes made from potatoes, pumpkins, beets, carrots with a feeling that Venus gives them, and always by the rules, provoke respect of those who share their dishes with them. Many Taureans prefer Ukrainian cuisine; it is, therefore, sensible to grow in your garden what you can use in these dishes: beets and other root vegetables for borscht; cucumber, which you could then prepare fresh-salted and crunchy; pepper, which is so good for pepper vodka warming your soul; and of course all what you can use for filling pies. The love of luxurious desserts is also typical of this sign serious about food. And what could be better than strawberries with whipped cream or walnut cake with honey cream. In general, the thicker and fatter is the better. Taureans are advised to diversify their diet in a way as to save them from overeating - spinach, cabbages, apples, and grapes shall be included.


Typically, Gemini is not too much concerned about creating culinary masterpieces. Simple meal in a simple environment with as much communication as possible is what they need. If hot dogs and steaks grew right on the trees, there would not be more committed gardeners than Gemenians. They may develop interest in a recipe, and can even cook something not too boring and not requiring too much time, often without participating in this process emotionally, but not without ingenuity and wit. As people loving diversity, the can set the table consisting of numerous snacks. And if a family has a Taurus who previously made the stocks of frozen vegetables, fruit, dried mushrooms, etc., Gemini will quickly and without straining make something from these. To please Gemenians, it is best to invite them, and prepare a meal of cabbages, peas, soybeans, corn, or greens. They will not refuse to take nuts, lemons, or plums. Those who come to visit Gemenians may expect surprises and improvisation in the spirit of the buffet table.


Cancerians are gourmets; their approach to food is romantic; they cook with inspiration and, as a rule, like to save wherever possible, but, of course, not at the expense of the quality, because they do not stand substitutes or imitations. Everything picked in the garden and vegetable garden is lovingly preserved and put on the table when the whole family is around it. These people prefer traditional recipes and traditional dishes - cabbages, cucumbers, pumpkins, squashes, potatoes, and watermelons. Therefore, they have a lot to talk about with Taurus. Cancerians eat cooked vegetables and fruit more readily than raw. And, as a rule, their meal is complete if it contains a soup. Liquid substance is always appreciated by this water sign. Cancerians are not alien to winemaking, preferring home-made wines and liqueurs. They feel good on picnics in their gardens, surrounded by their family, with the still growing plants in the background dishes made from what has already been picked and made lovingly by them.


Lovers of the Italian cuisine, Lions prefer to grow such plants which can be used in pizza or other Italian dishes. Although the Lions need to have everything at the highest level, the most important thing is the atmosphere of the party, while the food on the table is not particularly important. The focus is on everything being beautifully served, Leo himself sitting at the head of table, and the people at the table having fun and interesting conversation. If Leo decides to cook something, he usually does so in a big way. Herbs and spices are important for this sign; hot appetizers, Leonians prefer cold. They love to use apples and seeds, like cereals and citruses. Being a bit vain, they love being praised for their culinary masterpieces.


Proponents of a healthy diet, Virgins prefer dishes which are easy and rewarding. They make salads with a properly balanced amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals. Vegetable dishes, fresh products, immaculate cleanness, and nothing superfluous. They like to properly use the products which are undoubtedly good for the health - cucumbers, spinach, squash, plums and apples. It is very useful to dry the fruit grown in the garden, and then cook compote from them. Virgos may allow themselves to eat pastry and sweets, but almost in homeopathic doses. Having eaten a cake, they spend three days crying that they are about to die from overeating. They have their own tastes, their views and their own system; they sow, reap, and cook what they think is useful and necessary, trying to apply the most of these processes in a way as to produce zero waste.


Representatives of this sign have good taste. Even a dish of simple pumpkin will be cooked and served as elegantly and nicely as to conquer all senses of the guests. They love variety, and are able to combine the traditions matured for centuries with the fashion trends. Good company is a good reason to elegantly set the table with delicacies; fresh vegetables and fruit will definitely be there. For their masterpieces, Libra people often use strawberries, cherries, asparagus, spinach, beets, and carrots. Sauces and condiments are their favorites. It is through these that Libras get such great results, "ennobling" the most low-brow dishes. And, we must say that Libras never miss a chance to pamper themselves with something tasty.


Scorpios tend to have unusual gastronomic tastes. But, of course, the first place is occupied by the food that invigorates and energizes, by its appearance, taste, and odor. Sometimes they add onions, garlic and mustard to everything, even dishes which are almost desserts. Old recipes and hot spices will do when Scorpio decides to throw a feast. The main dish is often seafood. They also use mushrooms, beans, and sauces with pleasure and expertise, Gooseberries and plums suit well for dessert dishes. Being fans of the spicy and salty, Scorpios are often engaged in canning, using recipes passed down from generation to generation.


The spirit of travel and interest in other countries and cultures are expressed in the fact that Sagittarians are very interested in recipes of foreign cuisines. They love diversity and originality, but within reasonable limits. They love to grow and use all sorts of spices to dishes. They are pleased to expand their culinary horizons, generously sharing their recipes and getting accustomed to what others have cooked. As they are lovers of fat food, it may be advisable for them to eat more acidic fruit and berries - cranberries, gooseberries, apples, and cranberries. And be sure to eat plenty of greens - fennel, lettuce, and cilantro. And besides you, there has to be a companion with whom you can converse on social, religious and philosophical themes.


Capricorns are reluctant to depart from tradition, and as a rule, eat little and rather selectively, preferring natural products. Their weakness is pickles and marinades. That is why their gardens are full of the simple berries and vegetables suitable for this. They are not scared to cook dishes for which you need great patience, but the ingredients for these dishes will be unpretentious and understood by all. They will certainly appreciate dishes that include currants, turnips, beets, gooseberries, cabbage, and radish. Not the least in their taste preference list is prunes, best homemade, savoring which they are almost spiritually charged. They like bitter taste, and are usually quite sensitive to the temperature of the cooked food. The most important thing for Capricorns is eating on time, without breaking the routine.


Aquarians tend to prefer the true Russian cuisine. They love pickles, sauerkraut and sour apples, cook borscht, fried potatoes, etc. And, as a rule, they put emphasis on vegetables and fruit. They know how to cook extraordinary dishes from ordinary and affordable products, mixing or processing them in the most original way, in part because they love to experiment, in part because they do not care about learning from traditional recipes or storing a standard set of products. In general, they take what has grown in their garden, cook something interesting from it, invite friends, and eat it all in a simple atmosphere. Representatives of this sign usually do not spend ages at the stove; neither do they cook often, but if they do, they do it with a twist - they prefer the food for thought to the food for the stomach.


In food, Pisces can also show their inconsistency. Today they prefer steam-cooked dishes, tomorrow - fried potatoes. It all depends on their emotional state. But, like Aquarians, they prefer vegetarian food. Apart from seafood, to which, as a rule, they are very, very indifferent. Dishes from beets, herbs, jellies, any berries, honey, and herbal tea are pleasant and useful to their stomach. For Pisces, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products, to avoid poisoning. Some Pisces go to the extreme, and want to throw what they picked in the garden just a few hours ago. Pisces should not get too carried away by home-made wines or liqueurs, which may also give flavor to the food; in the wrong dosage, they may exert their negative side effects too.

The Moon is responsible for digestion - so why not to help our stomach and eat what is most natural for it to digest, in accordance with the position of the Moon in the signs. The tips below not only suggest what to eat and how to cook better, but also what agricultural and culinary jobs will be the most appropriate. They also describe the general background of the day, focusing on which you can select the optimal diet.

Moon in Aries

When the Moon is in Aries, cook simple but unusual dishes. And just before the meal, you need to "work up an appetite." For example, pick the fruit and vegetables, for which this position of the Moon is very favorable. After good work, you may start to cook what you were able to pick.

1. Baked apples with cranberry juice - make a small hole in the red apples, and pour in it smashed cranberries with sugar. Put it in preheated oven for 30 minutes – you will get perfect dessert.
2. Boiled beetroot with horseradish, parsley and dill mayonnaise.
3. Baked (40 min) beets with sour cream and greens.
4. Tomato and onion salad with Spanish watercress, olive oil and lemon juice.

Moon in Taurus

This time is good for canning and other kinds of conservation. It is particularly suitable for conserving sweet products, although other kinds of food should not be neglected either.

1. Candied pineapples. Peel and cut a pineapple (if not grown in your garden, buy it at the store or replace with apples or pears), boil syrup (a glass of water, 700 g of sugar). Boil slices of the pineapple in it, take them out, and put on a baking sheet sprinkled with sugar. Put it into the oven, at low heat, and keep there until the pineapple dries. Roll in sugar powder, vanilla, and put in jars.
2. Fresh strawberries in own juice. Put ripe, fresh, and dry strawberries into a jar up to the top, and close the jar. Put the jar a pot with water (the level of the water should reach 2/3 of the jar), simmer until the strawberries let the juice out. Remove from the heat, cool in a pan with water. Seal the jar hermetically.
3. Mashed carrot jam. Boil 400 grams of shredded carrots in a glassful of water, rub through a sieve, and add thin bladed zest of 2 lemons. Make syrup from a glass of water and 800 grams of sugar. When it becomes dense and sticky, add the mashed carrots and juice of 2 lemons. Heat up to boiling two times, cool, put into jars, cool still, and finally close with greaseproof paper.
4. Apple or pear jam with honey. Cut 2 kg of peeled apples or pears into slices, their core removed. Boil 2 kg of honey with 5 cups of water, add 2 kg of chopped fruit. Boil and remove scum until fruit slices are not transparent. Cool slightly, to put into jars. When cool, close with greaseproof paper.

Moon in Gemini

At this time, it is good to pick fruit and vegetables or grains in the garden. Medicinal herbs picked in these days will have unprecedented healing properties. When the Moon is in Gemini, a lot of new information might become available – it time for communication, movement, and mobile life. Therefore, you should avoid complex and multi-stage culinary projects. The Moon in Gemini calls for easy and simple way full of improvisation.

1. Boiled corn. Boil the corn in salted water, drain. Serve with butter.
2. Salad from cabbages, corns, and pineapples with dressing from equal amount of mayonnaise and sour cream
3. Fried cauliflower. Cut the bottom of the cabbage crosswise, boil in salted water, drain. Cut into slices top-down, roll in flour, and fry until rosy.
4. Fresh boiled peas. Boil (with 2 teaspoons of sugar) 800g of fresh sugar peas, drain. Serve with butter or dill and parsley sauce. (Sauce: boil 1 ½ cups of vegetable broth. Stir constantly; add a similar glass of cold broth in which 3 teaspoons of flour are mixed. When it boils, and turns dense, add 50g of butter, ½ cup of cream or milk, a chopped onion, and parsley. Stir, heat, but do not boil.)

Moon in Cancer

You will follow the route ‘garden-kitchen-pantry’ more than once during this period. You will be able to successfully feed your whole family, conserve and pickle so much that you might as well not leave your house all winter. And if the period of the Moon in Cancer coincides with the period of the growing Moon, there will be no better time for making wine and juices.

1. Pickles. Wash hard fresh green cucumbers in cold boiled water, wipe. Add salt to cold boiled water (one teaspoon for a cup of water). Put leaves at the bottom of a small barrel (black currant, cherry, or oak); add dill. Place cucumbers in rows, separating each row with leaves and dill. Optionally, you can add garlic slices of. Fill the barrel with cucumbers tightly up to the top. Pour the salty water into the container, cover with a tight lid, and keep in a cool dry place.
2. Green Gooseberries Puree. Put 2 kg of green gooseberries into a pot, cover, put in the oven (medium heat). When the berries start to let the juice, add 1 kg of sugar, cover, place back in the oven (medium heat), occasionally stir. When the sugar has completely dissolved, mash, put in jars, cool, and close with greaseproof paper.
3. ‘Economical’ jelly from apple skin. Put the apple skin left over after you peeled the apples on the baking tray, put it in the oven to dry at low heat. When browned sufficiently, pour water on it, seethe, then sieve, do not stir. For each cup of this substance add ¼ cup of lemon juice and a cup of sugar. Cook until the syrup turns into jelly. Remove from heat, let slightly cool, and pour into jars. Finally close with greaseproof paper.
4. Nut Jam. Clean up 400 g of nuts of any kind (or several varieties), pour over with boiling water, remove the skin. Prepare the syrup of 800 g sugar and 2 cups of water, boil until nuts turn tender.

Moon in Leo

This time is good for picking fruit and root crops. And what would be the best time to conserve or cook them? It would be nice to treat children with some tasty surprise, and prepare small celebration for adults. Or have a romantic dinner with your beloved one.

1. Compote for children from whole apples or pears with jam. Peel 12 large apples (or pears), take the core out, place them upright in a deep frying pan, sprinkle with sugar, cover with water and cook on low heat. Then gently shift the apples (or pears) in a deep dish, add berries from any jam. Mix the syrup of that jam with the liquid in which apples or pears were being boiled, and pour this mixture upon the apples or pears. Serve either hot or cold.
2. For adults: Fried Potato Noodles. Boil potatoes and rub them. Chop an onion, fry in butter until brown. Pour 1 ½ cups of hot cream (or milk), cool, mash. Gradually add 50 g of melted butter, 6 eggs, flour, salt; stir. Add to potatoes, stir, shape noodles, roll them in flour, and fry in oil until rosy.
3. For romance: Fresh Fruit Soufflé. Mash fruit to get 4 cups of puree. Grind 8 egg yolks with a glass of sugar, add to mashed fruit. Add 8 beaten egg whites and mix. Put in a deep dish, greased and floured, to gradually lightly brown in the oven. Serve with cream (or milk).
4. For everyone: Georgian Pilaf with Fresh Fruit. Boil 150 grams of rice (should be crumble), mix with a tablespoon of sugar. Prepare 200 g pitted cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. Moisten them with water. Alternate layers of rice with those of berries (always different berries) and sugar, press firmly, expose to cold temperature. When serving, lay on a deep dish, pour with berry syrup, garnish with apricot slices.

Moon in Virgo

This period is suitable for picking fruit, vegetables, and roots, as well as preparing healthy, and yet healthier meals from them. It makes sense to do the spring cleaning in the kitchen, arrange the picked fruit, and schedule making some light pastries.

1. Savoy Cabbage with White Sauce: cut 2 small Savoy cabbages into pieces (remove cobs), cook in hot salted milk with a tablespoon of oil, drain. Heat a tablespoon of butter with 3 teaspoons of flour, add tin which cabbage was boiled to it. When thickens, measure the quantity, and add as much cream (or milk) as needed to get 3 cups altogether. Add a tablespoon of butter, chopped dill, parsley, salt, and heat, though do not boil. Put the cabbage in a hot dish; pour some sauce over it; serve the rest of the sauce separately.
2. Black Currant Brew: crush 1.6 kg of black currants; add 9 cups of water, and boil 3 times. Put into a pot, add 36 cups of boiling water, stir, and let cool. Put 25 g of yeast, stir, cover, and expose to the sun. When the brew starts to ferment, strain it, add 200 g of sugar, stir, pour into a bottle, putting in each bottle 2-3 pieces of raisin. Cork tightly, and keep in the cold.
3. Apple Charlotte with Rye Crackers and Molasses. Peel apples and cut them into 12 slices. Spread the bottom and sides of a pan with oil, sprinkle with syrup and the breadcrumbs of rye bread. Put layers of apples and rye crackers, sprinkling syrup and oil over them. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs, pour 1.5 cups of milk, sprinkle with sugar, drizzle with oil, and gradually bake in the oven. Serve with cream (or milk).
4. Cake with Fresh Fruit: Stir 300 g of butter, add gradually a glass of water while stirring, the juice of ½ lemon, 2 egg yolks, one egg white, a cup of sugar, and 400 grams of flour. Put this pastry the bottom and sides of a pan, greased and floured, then fill 1 kg of any fresh berries or fruit, sprinkling it with sugar. Cover with a layer of sugar, bake in the oven until gradually browned.

Moon in Libra

Pick herbs and ethereal-oily plants the flowers of which are normally utilized. This will still not be enough for the exquisite and luxury dishes, to the preparation of which the Moon in this sign contributes. Use any fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs, and certainly do not forget the elegant serving.

1. Spinach Puree with Sorrel: Boil 1.5 kg of spinach and 200 g of sorrel in salted water, drain, rub. Brown 6 teaspoons of flour in butter, add a cup of spinach and sorrel broth, combine with pureed spinach and sorrel. Add a glass of cream with 2 yolks mixed in it, 100 g of oil, salt, and sugar. Heat but do not boil.
2. Shrimp Salad. Put lettuce at the bottom of a salad bowl, then spread layers of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, shrimps, and canned pineapple slices, putting mayonnaise on top of each  - finely, decorate the top with red caviar.
3. Mecklenburg Vegetables, Pasta and Spinach Soup: boil 100 g of pasta in salted water (break into smaller pieces), drain. Chop, seethe, crush carrots, turnips, leeks, an onion, celery, and parsley. Cook 400 g of spinach in the broth, add pasta and mashed vegetables. Add a tablespoon of butter, a cup of cream (or milk) with 2 egg yolks mixed in it, and salt; heat but do not boil. Sprinkle with chopped dill and parsley.
4. Fresh Cherry Puree: Clean 1.2 kg of cherries of seeds, rub through a colander, add 600 grams of sugar. Put in the cold to solidify.

Moon in Scorpio

This period is good for picking both what goes directly to the table and the fruit and vegetables to be canned. In the remaining time, focus on oriental dishes, do not be afraid of unconventional combinations of products, and do not be afraid of using spices. Break free from the garden or vegetable garden, go to pick mushrooms, and treat yourself and others with dishes from what you managed to pick.

1. Barley soup with lemon: Seethe 100g of pearl barley, rub through a sieve. Cook the carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, rub through a colander. Mix them together (add decoctions too). Add 2 tablespoons of butter and a cup of cream (or milk). When serving, top with finely chopped lemon slices, chopped dill and parsley. Serve croutons too.
2. Boiled Potatoes with "Japanese" Dressing: peel potatoes, boil in salted water, drain, cool. Serve with dressing "Japanese": grind 4 egg yolks with 4 teaspoons of sugar, slowly pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil, add lemon, 2 tablespoons of grated horseradish, salt, and stir well.
3. Lentils with porcini mushrooms. Boil 0.5 kg of mushrooms, drain, chop. Clean 3 large pickled cucumbers, cut into long slices, boil, drain. Soak 200 g of lentils for 6 hours, then cook in the same water. Add cucumbers, mushrooms, broth, 100 g of sour cream, 50g of butter. Heat but do not boil, add the chopped dill and parsley.
4. Salty mushrooms: Rinse fresh young mushrooms in cold boiled water, wipe, put tightly in rows in a barrel, sprinkle salt (50 g for 2 kg of mushrooms). Fill the barrel up to the top, cover with a tight lid, and keep in a cool, dry place.

Moon in Sagittarius

Time to pick the fruit, roots, and medicinal plants with flowers, leaves, or seeds suitable for being used. This period this is suitable for harvesting grain. It is best to cook dishes which are special, "overseas", and pasty; you better do not forget the desserts either. Preference should be given to sour fruit and berries - cranberries, lingonberries, gooseberries, and apples. Spices and herbs are also important ingredients for dishes cooked in this period.

1. Baked Fresh Apples: clear the 12 large apples, remove the core, chop, drizzle with the juice of a lemon. Grind 7 whipped egg yolks with a glass of sugar, add 100 g of crushed oil, and stir. And the apples, 100 g of crushed sweet biscuits, 200 g raisins and mix. Add 7 beaten egg whites and mix. Put the mixture into a deep dish, greased and sprinkled with small crackers, spread with an egg, sprinkle with sugar, and let gradually brown in the oven.
2. Jelly Lemons: put 4 teaspoons of gelatin into 3 cups of water to dissolve completely, heat but do not boil. Squeeze 4 lemons for juice, combine with gelatin, add 300 grams of sugar. Measure with a cup, and pour as much boiling water as needed to finally get 5 cups, heat but do not boil. Finely chop all fruit picked on that particular day, put in bowl, pour the cooked jelly on it, and take to a cold place.
3. Berries or Fresh Fruit Souffle: crush as many of berries or fruit to get 4 cups of puree. Grind 8 egg yolks with a glass of sugar, combine with mashed fruit. Mix 8 beaten egg whites with sugar, and add to the mixture. Put into a deep dish, greased and floured, to gradually brown lightly in the oven.
4. Blackcurrant Mousse: crush 1.2 kg of fresh black currants, mix with a glass of sugar and 3 egg whites. Beat 3 cups of cream. Put in a bowl layers of crushed black currants and the cream, beginning with a currant layer and finishing with a cream one. Let it solidify in the cold.

Moon in Capricorn

At this time, we should gather roots and engage in conservation. The dishes cooked from what grows in the garden will be particularly successful when the Moon is in this sign. In this period it is better not to have a bite on the run but to eat on time and well in state. Focus on solid food with bitterness; it is good to serve cold soups and soft drinks, mushrooms and beans.

1. Cream of carrots and beans or peas in pods. Chop 400g of green beans (or peas in a pod), boil in salted boiling water, drain. Seethe in salted boiling water 800 g carrots, crush. Heat the butter with 3 tablespoons of flour, boil a cup of broth with carrots, combine with crushed carrots, beans, as well as the broth of boiled carrots and beans. Add 100 g of butter, a cup of cream (or milk) with 2 egg yolks in it, and salt. Heat but do not boil. Sprinkle with the chopped dill and parsley.
2. Radish Slices with Sour Cream: cut young black radish (do not remove skin) into thin slices, season with salt, and pour sour cream with chopped dill and parsley. Mix and serve immediately.
3. Baked Eggplant: cut into slices 1 kg of eggplant and fry in oil. Fry the onions, add 1.5 kg of chopped tomatoes and simmer over low heat, then add the chopped garlic. Put in an oiled dish layers: eggplant, tomatoes, grated cheese (start with eggplant, finish with cheese). Bake in the oven.
4. Pickled Beets: clean bright red beets, lightly boil in salted water, drain, chop. Put into a saucepan, pour cool broth on it, close with a tight lid, and put a stone on top. Keep in a cool dry place. When using some of the beet, top up some cold boiled salted water.

Moon in Aquarius

This is good time to pick fruit, vegetables, root crops, as well as harvest grain. This is the high time of the Russian cuisine: sauerkraut soup, pickled mushrooms, vegetable side dishes. Do not overeat, heavy food hampers thinking, of which the Moon in Aquarius is especially proud. You should try something original and even extravagant, but light. And it is better to eat more often but less instead of the other way round.

1. "Lazy" Cabbage soup "Griboedov." Cook 50 g of dried white mushrooms, salt, and drain, then chop. Cut white cabbage into small pieces, boil in salted water, add sliced onions, turnips, carrots, parsley and a potato. Finally, add the mushrooms with their broth, 3 tablespoons of flour, browned in butter, and boil. Add a tablespoon of oil, 100 g of sour cream, heat but do not boil, add the chopped dill and parsley. Serve with sour cream.
2. Salad of fresh cucumbers: peel cucumber, cut crosswise into slices, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, mix well. Mix 2 eggs with the juice of 1.5 lemons, ½ teaspoon salt, 4-6 teaspoons of sugar, pour into the cucumber, add the chopped dill, parsley, green onions, stir again and serve immediately.
3. Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Spanish Onions and Watercress Salad: boil diced pumpkin in salted water, cool, add chopped slices of tomato, Spanish onion, and watercress salad. Stir 3 eggs with 5 teaspoons of sugar, juice of 1.5 lemons, add salt, chopped dill, parsley, and green onions. Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil, stir and pour over the vegetables cooked dressing, add chopped 3 eggs, shredded fresh (or salted) cucumber and fresh (or salted) mushrooms. Stir and serve immediately.
4. Fresh Cucumber with Honey: clean the 12-15 medium size cucumbers, cut into transverse slices, pour 200 g of honey, mix well. Serve honey separately.

Moon in Pisces

Opportune time to pick lettuce, asparagus, hops, bushy beans, tomatoes, onions. You can and should pick and dry briar. As well as do pickling and canning. Add a little exotic element to the regular diet. Decorate the table with fragrant and beautiful flowers. Do not focus on meat and dairy products, and restrain yourself as regards intoxicating beverages.

1. Cabbage, Braised with Vegetables and Sour Cream: cut into small slices a fresh cabbage, turnips, rutabagas, carrots, salt, simmer them in the oil. When the vegetables start to become soft, add peeled and cut potatoes, continue to simmer, adding a little butter and boiling water. When the vegetables are ready, add 200 g of sour cream, stir, do not boil. Sprinkle with chopped dill, parsley.
2. Tomatoes Stewed with Apples: cut 15 large tomatoes, season with salt, put in the oil. Peel 10 large apples, remove core, cut into slices, and add to tomatoes. Add ½ cup of butter, a cup of sour cream with 2 teaspoons of flour in it, salt, mix well. Put into a deep dish, greased with butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, drizzle with oil, and gradually bake in the oven.
3. Asparagus with "Dutch" Sauce: cut into the slices 1.2 kg of asparagus, cook in salted boiling water, drain. Use the broth to cook the "Dutch" sauce: stir 25 g of melted butter and 1 egg yolk. Pour slowly in this mixture ½ cup of cold broth, stirring constantly, 2 teaspoons of flour. When boils and thickens, attach asparagus, butter egg yolks, ½ cup cream, salt, and heat without boiling.
4. Balls with Celery and Onions: chop the onion and celery root finely, add 1.5 cups of breadcrumbs, stir in the browned butter. Pour in it ½ cup of milk with 3 eggs, salt, and stir. Roll into balls, roll in flour, and fry in a hot oil rosy. You may serve them with boiled green beans.


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