Astrology is an ancient tradition. Its history is as deeply rooted in the past, as the history of mankind. It attracted people’s attention at all times. The public interest in astrology is very high all over the world. A lot of people, institutions, organizations, societies, associations, etc. are involved in astrology, work in its field or do research, at various levels and from numerous angles.
There are many astrological directions: astrological psychology and astrology of personalities, agricultural, medical, financial, and geopolitical or world astrology, astrology of relationships, etc. The uniqueness of astrology is that dealing with the Universal Cosmic laws it may find application in absolutely every area of human life.
Below, you can see what the famous astrologer of the 20th century D. Rudhyar wrote about the aims and objectives of modern astrology,

... Map of birth, considered as a seed sample of the human creature just appeared in Earth's environment, is the expression of a focused state of the Universe at the exact point of time and in the specific place. This seed sample has a certain set of potential characteristics, which will be realized if there is no contrary pressure from the environment.

Astrology is a way to realize the basic truth of a person as a particular individual, to understand the demand in response to which he or she was born at this time and in this place.
The purpose of astrology is to help people to reveal their true identity, to realize their full potential.
The individual meets certain events because they are required for the full disclosure of what he or she is potentially.


Individual Horoscope and Cosmogram

Any serious astrological work begins with the calculation and construction of an astrological chart (horoscope). It is also called “natal chart” or “birth chart”. In it, the position of the planets, the Sun and the Moon in the Solar system are recorded and represented in the Zodiac coordinate system in the time of interest. This is the time of the event: the time of birth of a person, an enterprise, an idea, etc.


It is at this point that the art of interpretation begins on. Symbolism of the horoscope reveals its meaning to those who can penetrate into it. The main actors of this mystery are planets and Zodiac signs. The signs of the Zodiac and the degrees of these signs the planets are in are crucial. Another important element of astrological interpretations is the angular distances between the planets in the Zodiac circle. They are shown on the horoscope lines connecting the planets. Finally, yet another basic point in the astrological descriptions is houses which are the nominal area of manifestations of planetary energies. While the positions of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac are the reflection of Earth's orbit around the Sun, astrological houses are connected with another major motion of our planet – its daily rotation around its own axis. This second movement actually distributes solar system energy directly across the globe, projecting it to the realities of Earthly life. Therefore, in the horoscope of a person, the whole is associated with more concrete manifestations of human potential and his or her inherent inclinations in certain situations. For the construction of houses, it is necessary to know the exact time (several minutes) and the place of birth.
If the exact time of a person's birth is unknown (only the day of birth is known), Cosmogram is used. This is an astrological chart where houses are not built. Although not complete horoscopes, Cosmograms contain a very large amount of data about the person, and skilful interpretation allows you to get a lot of important information.


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Signs of Zodiac

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are the twelve stages of the development cycle. Together, they symbolize the integrity of creation. Each sign has its own characteristics and properties, which have an impact on the planets staying in them. During a year, Earth passes the full Zodiac. Zodiac symbolizes the rhythm of Earth's rotation around the Sun.



Aries is the first sign of the fire element. The symbol of this sign depicts the horns of a ram. The main properties are the desire for active action, impulsiveness, desire for leadership. It symbolizes dynamism, excitement, pressure, initial impulse, struggle, indomitable energy, and uncompromising. The human body is projected on the head.



This sign belongs to the element of Earth. This is the first sign of this element. The symbol resembles the head of a bull with horns. The features associated with this sign are practicality, specificity, stability, inertia; the ability to accumulate and retain; perseverance, stubbornness; the sense of form and sensuality. In the human body, it is projected on the neck.



This is the first sign of the air element. The typical features are the transfer of information and communication; desire for interaction, mobility, ease, impermanence, and desire for change. It is projected on the hands and the respiratory organs.



This is the first sign of the water element. It is directed inwards, into the depths. The typical features are emotionality, introversion, and caution. The past and the habitat are of great importance. This sign is projected on the stomach.



This is the second sign of the fire element. The fire, which burns constantly, shines and warms. Lion is the king of beasts symbolizing the idea of power and leadership. The typical features are the desire for creative and active self-manifestation and independence, the desire to shine, the longing for brightness. This sign is projected on the heart.



This is the second sign of Earth element. People of this sign focus on rationality, practicality, the division of reality into its constituent parts for analysis. Details are important. Order and neatness, sense of responsibility, orderliness are all typical features of this sign. It is projected onto the intestines.



This is the second sign of the air element. Its symbol is two scales. People of this sign wish to solve the problem of harmony, balance, and choice. They have the desire for harmony and for the balance with the environment at all levels. They pay a lot of attention to how the relationship looks from outside. Aesthetics and beauty means a lot to them. In the corresponding psychological type, the topic of partnerships is central. This sign is projected on the lower back, kidneys, and is also associated with skin.



This is the second sign of the water element. The first symbol of this sign is scorpion, while the second is eagle. It is also associated with the bird Phoenix rising from the ashes. It is sometimes said that Scorpio symbolizes the border between this world and the after-world. The typical features are the ability of a long struggle, a strong will, and mystery. In the corresponding psychological type, it manifests as emotionality, stealth, adaptability and resistance to external shocks, self-healing, and willingness to take risk. This sign is projected on the sexual and excretory organs.



This is the third sign of the element of fire. The symbol of this sign is a bow with a tense string and the arrow pointing up. The pursuit of the goal is the main feature of the people of this sign. They are active when moving towards their objective, full of energy, and capable of hard work. Great vitality is their distinctive trait of character. They stride upwards, to spiritual values. This sign is projected on the thigh.



This is the third sign of the element of Earth. The symbol depicts a mythical beast. The upper torso is the body of a mountain goat, while the lower part is a curved fish tail. This symbolizes the combination of mountain heights and the depths of the sea. Characteristic traits are concreteness, practicality, and stability when driving to the goal. This sign is that of finalized shapes with the precise understanding of the structure. The practical results are important. These people are good at separation of the main and secondary, at creating the hierarchy of values. They clearly aspired to taking place in the structure of the environment. Orderliness and compliance with the law are very important. This sign is projected onto the knees, and is associated with the skeletal system.



This sign belongs to the element of air. Water is the symbol of knowledge poured upon humanity. It is an expression and manifestation of extreme polarity. This sign is characterized by surprise, singularity, eccentricity, the desire for the new, and the interaction at the global level. In the corresponding psychological type, it creates a proactive stance, independence, extravagance, disposition to revolution, and a global commitment to high goals. This sign projects onto the lower leg, and is associated with the nervous system.



This is the third sign of the water element. Its symbol is two fishes swimming in the opposite directions, one downstream and one upstream. This is the last sign of the Zodiac summing up the development cycle. It provides opportunity to purify at the deepest level before the start of the new cycle, which is possible only as a transition to a higher level. In the human body, this sign projects on the feet.

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The Sun is the centre of our planetary system. It gives light, energy, and life to all living things on Earth. It symbolises the centre of personality, individuality, and conscious inner self. The typical features of this planet are creativity, activity, and vitality. It is the source of energy. Symbolically, it controls the activity of the heart.

It is the source of light at night. It symbolises the subconscious, the ability to adapt to the world, the direct perception, and instinctive response to the environment. The Moon is the symbol of the soul. The swings of the mood and the changes in emotional state are all associated with the ever-changing Moon. The Moon is the symbol of the motherhood and femininity in a man. It controls the stomach.

In mythology, Mercury or Hermes is the mediator between gods and men. It symbolises thinking, intellectual abilities. If God wants to punish, he takes the mind away. It is the mind that makes it possible to comprehend the truth. It controls the speech, the ability to establish and maintain contacts, assimilation and processing of information, the ability to learn, and commercial capabilities.

Venus is symbolically linked to human feelings and emotions. Venus rules the emotional evaluation and selection. The energy of Venus is soft, harmonizing, womanly; it smoothes conflicts and tries to create peacefulness and compromise. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. It symbolizes the need for beauty, love, comfort, harmony, and intimacy. It renders charm, magnetism, the ability to attract a partner.

Mars symbolises the active, masculine, dynamic, and aggressive side in people. It controls the ability to take action for the realization of your desires. It points to the strong will of man, and symbolises the ability to fight the adverse circumstances.

Jupiter symbolises people’s ability to expand their capabilities and areas of activities, the development, growth, and expansion. Jupiter is also associated with social and spiritual orientation, and the ability to achieve goals. Jupiter is luck, help, protection and opportunities, as well as people’s capability of generosity, compassion, and helping others. It may render you the ability being a spiritual teacher.

Saturn symbolises law, fate, karma, justice, and rewarding people with what they deserve. It represents the principle of restriction, the need to pay debts back, setting limits, and the principle of shape. Saturn symbolises time passing by inexorably, the fate, and the inevitability. Saturn provides people with the inner core, principles, ability to self-discipline, ability to clearly define and find their place.

This planet symbolises the higher mental abilities: intuition, clairvoyance, and telepathy. With Uranus, we associate the person's ability to move to a new level of consciousness. This is the planet of reformers, inventors, astrologers, and scientists. Uranus provides people with the desire to renew, to seek novelty, to obtain new knowledge, new understanding of the world, to disclose their identity, to seek the unity of the whole human race and the unity with the cosmos.

This planet symbolises the supreme sense, the supreme love. It is associated with the deepest feelings and sensations, the religious feelings of mystical experience. It may lead to the state of dissolution in sensations, up to the loss of orientation in the material world. In case Neptune exerts unfavourable influence in the horoscope, one may feel the desire to reach these states using alcohol or drugs.

Pluto is the mythological god of the underworld. It symbolises the supreme will. It transforms the man, being responsible for the transition to the eternal life. It is the symbol of the mystery of death and eternal life, the inescapable force, energy, revival from the dead, the rebirth, and the energy of regeneration. This God is associated with collective energies, with the ability to control the masses. It is the symbol of huge energy (including nuclear energy).


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Influence of Planets

Planets in our life may be associated with certain areas of human life. Depending on the position of the planets in the chart and on their mutual arrangement, they can manifest their negative or positive sides, exerting either positive or negative impact in their fields of influence.
Here are the most common kinds of effects planets can have in the positive (+) and negative (-) range.


(+) Favourable for creativity, personal activity, health, accumulation of forces, leadership activity, growing popularity, luck, good luck in games, entertainment, promotions, presentations, and performances.
(-) Bad for all above mentioned; can be manifested in excessive ambition, abuse of power, selfishness, all vanity.


(+) A good time for all sorts of contacts, communication, meetings with media representatives, travel, cases involving automobiles, intellectual activity, communication, mediation, trade, meetings with relatives, studies, literary and publishing activities, and visits to the doctor. 
(-) Hard time for all above mentioned; it is better not to sign important documents or engage in advertising; there may be problems in relationships or difficulties in negotiations and trips. You should be cautious when driving – you might have concentration problems or your reaction time might be long.


(+) The best time for love, partnerships, improving the material conditions, solving litigations and legal issues, for arts, cosmetics, jewellery purchase, and for expensive purchases in general.
(-) You may have problems with money; beware of spending, do not buy expensive things, and generally save money. There might potentially be problems with partnerships and marriage. It is better not to make presentations or start exhibitions.


(+) This time is favourable for dealing with competitors, promoting your own ideas, relying on your own strength and will, business, personal entrepreneurship, leadership, for exercise and sports, military issues, all that is associated with machines and metal, for more active intimate life.
(-) This planet increases the likelihood of conflicts and clashes with rivals, injuries, and accidents. It may bring emotional imbalance or nervous overload to you.


(+) This planet exerts favourable influence on the expansion of your affairs, strategic planning, approach of sponsors and patrons, as well as financial and banking affairs. It is a good time to begin long travel, conduct legal cases, take decisions involving foreign issues, and deal with religion and philosophy.
(-) It is better not to engage in the expansion of business or a serious investment; there may be financial and banking problems; do not ask for help; do not go abroad; developing foreign projects is difficult at this time.


(+) This time is favourable for communication with the management and the representatives of the authorities, the law, and the administration. This is a good time to deal with real estate, construction, effective legislation. You should restore order and discipline, fulfil promises, get promotion, and advance in your career. This is also a time for the stabilization of your health and for the treatment of your teeth and bones.
(-) Do not approach the management or meet the authorities. Conflicts at work are possible. This period is bad for formalities, registering of business issues or real estate. Pay attention to the prevention of diseases, especially chronic and those associated with bone system. The likelihood of injuries increases.


(+) This time is the most favourable to work out new projects, plans, dating, contacts, introduction of new technology and work with it, information technology, aviation, aerospace, electronics, and computer business. This period is that of reforms and transformation, as well as meetings and conferences on global issues. Meet your friends and associates.
(-) You may have problems with appliances, computers, or aviation. Your nervous system may turn agitated, and unexpected changes in the relationship, or even break-up may take place. Do not buy a computer.


(+) This time is good for art classes, increasing thrills, intuition. Romantic passion and love are in the focus. Religious feelings are deepening, just as the philosophical understanding of life. This is time to show mercy and charity, that of healing sessions and treatment. In this period, the problems related to the navy, sea, oil, chemistry, and vodka should be solved. Water treatment, swimming, herbal medicine, homeopathy are all useful in this time. Irrational approach to the problems of life is typical in this period. National problems come to light.
(-) The probability of fraud and deception, being drawn into intrigues increases, just as errors in business, difficulties in solving rational problems, and concentration difficulties. Alcohol and drugs should especially be avoided. Risk of poisoning and complications from improper use of drugs increase in this period. More than usual, the person is subject to temptations, and it is better not to solve complicated problems.


(+) This planet helps transformation, getting rid of the old, increases inclination to all kinds of changes, reorganization, the manifestation of power and leadership, political participation, collective and group activities, enhances sex life, and can give a lot of strength and energy.
(-) The danger of crime, emergency and trauma situations: if possible, do not undergo surgeries. It is not necessary to sort things out, especially those related to teams. Aggravation of political controversy and conflicts are typical of this period.


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Astrological Aspects

The angular distances between planets in the horoscope are called aspects. There is a certain set of issues that are considered most important in astrology. It is 180 degrees or opposition, trine or 120 degrees, 90 degrees or quadrature, 60 degrees or sextile, 0 degrees or connection. In the horoscope, these aspects are marked by lines connecting the planets between which these aspects exist. 180 and 90 degrees are considered aspects with pension – difficulties and obstacles that must be overcome and the need for change are associated with them. 120 and 60 are considered harmonious aspects – favourable conditions, opportunities, luck and good fortune are associated with them.

Connection 0

It creates unity, the concentration of power, and the fusion functions of the planets. It strengthens the desire to connect and fully express all various functions. If the planets have different qualities, tension and complexity might occur.

Sextile 60

Creativity, sympathy, affection, attraction, understanding, communicative, empowerment. This aspect is that of constructive action.

Trigon 120

Harmony, contemplation, tranquillity, completeness, breadth, vision of the future, stability, permanence.

Square 90

Fighting, energy, tension, stress, courage, carelessness, impatience, haste, lack of balance, open conflict or passivity, weakness, laziness, delay, scandalous, noise, hype.

Opposition 180

Contradiction. Strong interaction, the transition from one extreme to another, from love to hate and vice versa. Creative synthesis or psychological conflict of polarities, which need to be combined.


While the signs of the Zodiac are connected with the rhythm of the rotation of Earth around the Sun, Houses represent another important rhythm of the life on Earth – the rotation of Earth around its own axis. This rotation is completed in 24 hours. In this cycle, each point of Earth passes all Zodiac signs in every 24 hours. In astrology, there are 12 Houses; they divide the horoscope into 12 parts. The House of each person depends on where and what time of the day that person was born. The degree of the Zodiac on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth of a person will determine his or her House. This point will be the beginning of the first house, and is called the ascendant. This is a very important astrological factor. This is the location where the person first saw the world lit by the Sun, where his perception of the world started. The ascendant will determine not only the character and inclinations of a person but even his or her appearance. On the map, the ascendant is marked as ‘As’, while the opposite point, the beginning of the house 7, is marked ‘Ds’.
The counting of houses starts from the ascendant. The ascendant is the beginning of the first house. Each house represents a sphere of life on Earth. From the way the house is located on the map and what planets are associated with it, we may see how a person’s life will evolve, and what the persons innate inclinations are in that area.

House 1: Individuality, vibrant personality characteristics and motivations; how the person presents himself to the world and how the world perceives this person;

House 2: Potential resources, perceived values, material wealth, which is achieved by own labour;

House 3: Contacts, perception of information, learning, sociability;

House 4: Family, house, home, perception of tradition.
On the map, the beginning of the House 4 is marked ‘Ic’.

House 5: Love, creativity, children;

House 6: Work, health;

House 7: Partnership, relationship, marriage;

House 8: Transformation, tension, risk zones, money acquired the contribution of others;

House 9: Higher education, empowerment, goals, philosophy, foreign relations;

House 10: Vocation and career, professional advancement, fulfilment in general. On the map, the beginning of the House 10 is marked ‘Mc’.

House 11: Friends, ideals, the pursuit of new, high ideas;

House 12: External constraints, the lessons of the past, inner and spiritual life.

The range of what the houses symbolise is, of course, more extensive – we have listed only the most common projections.


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Phases of the Moon


New Moon: During the New Moon, our energy is at its minimum, if viewed on the monthly basis. So now it is better to refrain from strenuous physical or emotional stress. In the field of food, moderation is recommended. It is a good time for reflection and planning the future, because the new lunar cycle is about to start.

First Quarter: Growing moon. This is the period of growth crisis within the cosmic monthly cycle. The things we started might be hindered. Do not be afraid of these hindrances but find the ways to overcome them. You do have enough energy and will for this. In your family, on the other hand, behave calmly and do not provoke conflicts or express dissatisfaction to your family members.

Full Moon: We arrived at the maximum energy within the monthly Lunar cycle: the growth phase gives way to the phase of decrease. On the one hand, you have a lot of energy, while on the other, you are in a stressful situation because you need to restructure and adapt to the new energy situation. You are in the condition of great emotional and mental agitation.

Last Quarter – Waning Moon: Crisis is possible as the lunar cycle is about to expire, when you have to make adjustments in the current issues. It may be wise to give up something, starting things in a little different way of week later. It is not the right time for new initiatives. External circumstances only indicate the direction of the changes to implement.


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Moon in Zodiac Signs

Moon in Aries: When the moon passes through this fire sign, it is good to start new initiatives which require energy and effort; these initiatives should preferably be fast, completed all at once. The Moon in Aries does not incline you to being patient and hard-working. This is a good time for sports and physical activities. People can become more emotional and impulsive than usual. For meals, it is good to choose hot meals, though not prepared for very long.

Moon in Taurus: Moon in Taurus inclines practical and quiet rhythm of life. This is a good time for any housework. You might make a successful purchase. In this period, it is possible to successfully combine emotional enthusiasm, perseverance, and the desire to achieve practical results. This period is also good for making money. The Moon in this position also helps to settle personal problems. It is favourable for the implementation of artistic aspirations. Abundant tasty food and culinary delights might be particularly appreciated at this time.

Moon in Gemini: When in this part, the Moon inclines to mobility, ease, communication, and broad interest in most various fields of information. Things requiring flexibility and fast response work out more easily than usually. You might be able to do various things simultaneously. This period provides good Lunar background for different types of training or other intellectual activity. In culinary field, variety, light food, and good company are the key concepts.

Moon in Cancer: When in this part, the Moon is the strongest, and you can use its energy to establish your family relations and domestic affairs. Tasty and healthy food is appreciated. Traditional dishes are most suitable for this period. The Lunar background predisposes you to emotional warmth and gentle and trusting communication. It is good for families with children and couples. It is a good time to do jobs in the house or in the garden. You will succeed in any kind of business only if you get involved in it emotionally.

Moon in Leo: This time is proper for the brightest manifestation of creative qualities of individuals, for their fulfilment. Activity, excitement, artistry, playfulness, and desire to demonstrate your leadership qualities are typical of this period. You can truly enjoy holidays and love. Communicating with children will bring satisfaction to everybody. In gastronomy, this is also the season of celebrations. This time is good for arts, theatres, exhibitions, and concerts.

Moon in Virgo: Practicality, accuracy, clarity and certainty play an important role in all things. This time is good for daily work, paperwork, for analytical work, for matters requiring attention to detail and the little things. It is useful to do recreational activities, take care of your health. It is also good to create cleanliness and order at home. It is better not to overeat. You might think about dieting.

Moon in Libra: It is a good time for socializing, especially with the beloved one. The Lunar background favours solving disputes and conflicts. This is a good time for all kinds of art and trying to do some kind of art. In matters, including financial ones, reliable partners can help you. Aesthetic factor plays an important role at this time.

Moon in Scorpio: The Lunar background can create some emotional stress. It is recommended to avoid a showdown, jealousy, and conflicts. The influence of the Moon can help to strengthen sexuality. The role of the intuitive factor increases, but the risk should rather be avoided. The interest in all mysterious, enigmatic, mystical things may increase. This time is good for analytical work.

Moon in Sagittarius: The Lunar background enhances self-confidence in your abilities and the desire for independence. The view of life becomes more optimistic. You feel more desire for change, new knowledge, expanding your capabilities. It is considered to be favourable for business, advertising, legal issues, communicating with foreigners, research activities, studies, sports, events, entertainment, or spiritual work. For meals, popular overseas dishes fit this period.

Moon in Capricorn: This planet strengthens in you restraint and seriousness, practicality and responsibility. This time is good for focusing on the job, the career, the performance of your professional duties and family. It is good to put your things in order. It is better not to overeat; food should be simple and easy to digests. This time is good for fasting.

Moon in Aquarius: The Lunar background is favourable to the renewal, change, and experimentation. Interest in everything new, unusual, and extravagant may increase. This time is good for various kinds of communication, meeting new people, friends intellectual activity, working out new ideas and projects. It is also good time for activities related to electronics, computers, internet, programming, information technology, and technical innovations.

Moon in Pisces: This planet increases sensitivity and receptivity. People can become more emotional, idealistic, and romantic. Many things are taken more personally and irrationally. The desire to relax or withdraw into the world of illusions and fantasies can be manifested more strongly than ever. You can fall under influence of other persons, and get deceived in your expectations. This time is favourable for creativity, art, and love. In addition, the symbolism of Pisces is associated with religiosity and spiritual life, so it is a proper time to visit a temple for spiritual work or to help those who are in need.


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