Horoscope: Compatibility
Name: John Smith
Date: 2015-10-13 00:00 (-3.0)
Place: Moscow (55.755826,37.6173)

Personal match report

Part 2. The interaction of the planets of your charts and their possible influence on the relationship.

Planetary motions as energy communication channels.

  • Your Sun square with Mercury of your partner

    It implies diversity of positions and views. You may disapprove what your partner offers. And he will not always be interested in what You do. You may suppress the mind of your partner. Such position adds no facility with communication.

  • Your Moon opposition and Venus of your partner

    FOR WOMEN. You and your partner can complement each other emotionally. Your partner can attract you physically, bring you new sensations, and enrich your ideas of comfort, safety, household, family values, perhaps, involuntary to some extent, as you may not quiet comply with his image of a family woman in these spheres. He can constantly disturb you with his wishes and attempts to involve you in social activity, thus, will not let you stagnate and drown in your emotions. There may be disputes on finance and property as well.

    FOR MEN. You and your chosen one can complement each other. Her taste preferences, aesthetic values, tastes, the way she looks can enrich you, influence your mood, and not leave you indifferent. There may not be enough contradictions here. But everything can be solved, as there is really an attraction between you.

  • Your Moon square with Saturn of your partner

    It is a disharmonic aspect. You may feel coldness and pressure from your partner and feel ill-at-ease in his presence. He is liable for relations to a great extent. You have to either obey, or pretend to obey, find a more or less compromise option - and then you will have it both ways. Do not take everything close to your heart. Do not violate agreements as well.

  • Your Moon iconjunct with Neptune of your partner

    You and your partner are on the same subtle wave. You can finish each other’s sentences and feel each other even at a distance. You may develop spiritually together, be closer to art and nature. Do not give in to excessive mistrustfulness and suspicion.

  • Your Mercury sextile and Venus of your partner

    It is a favorable aspect to combine the intellectual and emotional - aesthetic approach. Your partner may put Your thoughts and actions in a beautiful shape, and You can help him get practical benefits from his creativity or charm. Good areas for your cooperation are art, trade, negotiations and diplomacy, and consulting.

  • Your Mercury sextile and Mars of your partner

    It is a harmonious aspect for practical work. You will use your head more, develop theories and calculations, find information, and negotiate. Your partner will take over the force and volitional functions in the common business.

  • Your Mercury trine with Neptune of your partner

    Your partner’s intuition will help You in business and practical matters.

  • Your Mercury opposition with Pluto of your partner

    Your relationship may be complicated by wrong information or financial disputes. Be careful, trusting him to bear the bag.

  • Your Venus square with Sun of your partner

    There may be some disharmony of feelings. Though there is still some attraction among you. It is an aspect of conflicting emotions in general.

  • Your Venus square and Moon of your partner

    There may be some emotional disharmony between you.

  • Your Venus sextile with Jupiter of your partner

    It is a perfect aspect for interaction. It favors success both in love, and in finance. You may inspire each other spiritually.

  • Your Venus square with Uranus of your partner

    This aspect is unlikely to contribute to a long-term stable relationship. Something that is fixed just formally can break particularly quickly. But if You are ready for quick turns and like experiments, including those in the sexual field, this partner will be associated with bright highlights in your life.

  • Your Venus opposition with Pluto of your partner

    There is a danger that your partner will pay attention only to his desires and preferences. This aspect in your interaction is likely to make you worry.

  • Your Jupiter trine and Moon of your partner

    You will evoke positive emotions in your partner, give him a sense of security. You can modernize each other’s homes or your common home, decorate and make it cozy. Your partner can take care of you in practical sense. It is an excellent aspect for coupledom.

  • Your Jupiter square and Mars of your partner

    The aspect is conflictual to a great extent. Your ideas and concepts can be attacked by your partner, and his actions can fall under Your criticism, mainly from moral, spiritual positions.

  • Your Jupiter square with Jupiter of your partner

    You and your partner may have different goals and different morals. But this will not prevent communication if you do not try to convert each other to your faith. If there are other, positive aspects, communication may develop quite harmoniously.

  • Your Saturn opposition with Jupiter of your partner

    There is difference in goals and principles. On Your part, there may be a some slowdown of the partner’s activity.

  • Your Saturn sextile with Pluto of your partner

    Energy and changing power of your partner are likely to result in some change in Your life positions. And You will save him from destructive tendencies in his life.

  • Your Uranus iconjunct and Mars of your partner

    It is an aspect that will constantly make you tremble. Therefore, a stable relationship can be difficult. And if you together deal with machinery, cars, fire and electricity, be extremely cautious and careful.

  • Your Uranus iconjunct with Jupiter of your partner

    You will be able to bring newness to the partner’s life, help him get rid of outdated principles and mindsets. And he may help You implement your new ideas.

  • Your Pluto iconjunct and Mars of your partner

    It is a favorable aspect for intensive and energetic joint actions, upholding of common interests. If there are none, you may move to each other, just to lose excess energy. Sexual relationship will also be very intense.

  • Your Pluto iconjunct with Jupiter of your partner

    Your partner’s commitment and knowledge, combined with Your energy, will help you succeed in a big matter of the moment.

  • Your Ascendant sextile with Jupiter of your partner

    It is a very favorable aspect for any kind of communication. You may be of great benefit for each other. Cooperation will be especially successful in education, science and travel. Although this aspect is also good for business and love.

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