After successful registration, go to your back office and buy a horoscope.


  1. 1. Select the type of the horoscope.
  2. 2. Make the payment in the way most convenient for you.
  3. 3. The amount of 20 euros for the administrative costs and the costs of creation of the partner’s back office is paid once.
  4. 4. As soon as at least 20 euro bonds are collected in the back office, the user will become eligible to participate in the program "STAR WAY".
  5. 5. The amount equal to the price of the purchased horoscopes will be credited in euro bonds to the partner’s back office. After the payment for the horoscope is effectuated, please make sure in the menu Finances that this actually took place.

Example of a business position on the constellations of program "STAR WAY":

The buyer has purchased the following:

  • Two one-day horoscopes, 5 euros each = 10 euros, by bank transfer
  • One one-month horoscope, 50 euros = 50 euros, by bank transfer
  • One one-year horoscope, 100 euros = 100 euros, by bank transfer


In total, 160 euro bonds (the equivalent of the overall price for the horoscopes) will be credited to the back office.

From now on, the user who wishes to participate in program "STAR WAY" can put her/his orders on the constellations, calculating with the amount of 160 euro bonds. He or she may place a major order of 50 euro bonds on Constellation 2, or a clone qualifying a main order also worth 50 euro bonds. This amount may also be used for three clones of 20 euro bonds on Constellation 1, Orion.

Each user chooses independently the time and way of the participation o’s n the constellations.

4. Select a constellation, and press "Select". Now your order is placed on the constellation, and starts to participate in the program "STAR WAY".

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