Benefits Of «Star Way» Marketing Program


  • The main advantage of the program is that it is easy to use, and that it provides you with stability for many years.
  • All the money you pay for horoscope returns to the buyer's personal account in the form of euro bonds.
  • Partners decide themselves when they wish to appear on the business constellations.
  • When placing their orders, partners choose on their own the type of the constellation they wish their business to appear.
  • The possibility of placing an unlimited number of orders (clones) of a single partner on a business constellation.
  • The possibility to withdraw funds upon each exit from a business constellation.
  • The possibility of huge profits on small investments.
  • Non-stop movement of constellations due to permanent nominations of clones and the clones of partners.
  • The monthly validation by each participant of the "STAR WAY" program, which allows the increase of up to 12 times a year of the number of business positions on the constellations, due to the already invited partners.
  • Earning income when referrals of the three lower levels buy horoscopes.
  • Earning income from the affiliate program.


  • 2. You will pay for the horoscope by the method which is the most convenient for you. Let’s suppose that you have purchased a horoscope for one month for 50 euros.

  • 3. Within minutes your individual horoscope will appear in your personal office.
  • 4. The amount of the purchase expressed in euro bonds is automatically returned to you on your private partner account.

  • 5. With euro bonds on your account, you will identify on your own the time and the constellation for placing your business order.

  • 6. (Let's suppose you have decided to place a 50 euro bonds order on the second constellation). Your position will follow the superior leader on this constellation type.At the same time, your account will be charged 50 euro bonds.
  • 7. Upon subsequent purchases, the price of the horoscopes will be returned to your personal account and summed. At the same time, you will be able to place the accumulated euro bonds on the constellations you select. The first position going through constellations will be the key one, for which reinvestment will be obligatory. All subsequent ones will be considered as clones, so upon exit from any constellation and in case of qualification, it will be possible to withdraw them, and take out the earned amount in the way which is most convenient for you.
  • 8. When passing orders from the fifth to the tenth constellation, the qualification is notrequired.

  • 9. Each member of "STAR WAY" program shall acquire monthly horoscopes for at least 20 euros. At the same time, all income for the purchased horoscopes goes back to the accounts of partners. Each time orders are placed on constellations (euro bonds serve only this purpose), your partners will place orders (clones) following your ones, thus accelerating the advance of the orders on the constellations.
  • 10. Subject to the personal invitation of 5 partners and their paying of validation within one year, your structure will be increased by 60 business places.
  • 11. The marketing of "STAR WAY" program is the fastest non-stop matrix marketing plan.

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