ExampleHoroskope Holiday Horoscope
Period Weekly
Starting date 2017.04.12.
Ending date 2017.04.19.

  • Most important planetary influence, which sets the tone for this week

  • Interaction Jupiter Moon of your horoscope

    This influence may take a family vacation and entertainment to a new qualitative and quantitative level. You may plan a family trip - in a big way, all together for a long time. Planning and implementation of family holidays at a large scale may take place. If at this time guests from other cities and countries visit you, then perhaps it will be you to organize the cultural activities. At this time, you may need to regularly do shopping in home and do-it-yourself shops.

    Peak of the influence 15.04.2017
  • Also During this week, following important influences manifest themselves

  • Stressful interaction Neptune Jupiter of your horoscope

    This influence may bring organizational and legal complexities associated with travel and the world of games and entertainment. It does not contribute to the pleasure of cruising and social, charitable, or sporting events. Not the best time to visit a racetrack or doing other gambling activities. This influence gives rise to illusions and false hopes, the consequences of which could be dire. The likelihood of deception, fraud, and misrepresentation increases. Be careful when choosing travel agencies. Even reliable recommendations may be fiction.

  • Stressful interaction Saturn with the Sun of your horoscope

    This influence limits your Private plans for recreation and entertainment: adverse external circumstances and the internal lack of enthusiasm, as well as the decrease in interest in the joys of life are typical of this period. This influence may lead to a depressed state, and it may not be easy to cheer you up in these moments. Cooling of relations with those with whom you usually plan fun and rest is possible. Be careful when doing sports. If you are responsible for children's activities, it is better to keep an eye on them. Travelers may be in jeopardy at this time. This influence is not exactly conducive to easy wins in gambling.

  • Stressful interaction Jupiter Venus of your horoscope

    Beware of participation in gambling entertainment, overeating, or unnecessary indulgence. It is also true for your love affairs. This influence may spoil the pleasure of meeting or joint visits. The reason may be your laziness and extravagance. Shopping may bring disappointment, seriously emptying your pocket. Do not go too far in your desire to look luxurious - you may show your negative sides to others.

  • During this month, while there are rather energetic and long-term effects short-term influences also manifest themselves and might be important.

  • Favorable interaction Mars Mars of your horoscope

    This influence is energizing, giving strength and motivation to the active lifestyle; it maintains interest in sports, martial arts, and love affairs. Fighting may appeal to you in all areas of life. You will not be afraid, give up, or withdraw. And the desire to get everything at once is now close to realization. This is a good time to improve your fitness and find new entertainment venues.

    Effective 13.04 - 16.04
  • Favorable interaction of the Sun with the Sun of your horoscope

    This influence creates a good mood, inclines you to sporting events, going to the cinema, theater or concert, spend happy holidays, beautiful dates, buying gifts for children and loved ones, as well as to holidays with children. In gambling activities, you have a chance of success - do not miss it, but do not expect too much.

    Effective 17.04 - 18.04

Astrological forecast is based on the basis of a joint analysis of your birth chart (horoscope), and the exact position of the planets in the forecast period. Based on your birth data we computed and built your individual horoscope, and then analyzed the most significant astrological influence (the motion of planets), consistently, day after day during the forecast period and their impact on your horoscope. As the result we provide you with the individual for you forecast of the major astrological influences. They create a wide range of opportunities and wide range of challenges, thus giving you the choice for certain actions. Provide, but do not oblige. The choice is always yours! Knowing the nature of the effects and time when they are most strongly manifested, you can estimate the degree of difficulty and time to take advantage of these opportunities. You even get the creator of your destiny. The forecast provides guidance to the nature of the effects, the intervals of time when they are most strongly exist: recommendations regarding the optimal behavior during these time intervals in order to achieve success and stability in business. This allows at any time to tailor one's life to cosmic rhythms, unbreakable connection with which is predetermined by nature.

Planetary influences may occur with varying degrees of strength. They can either reinforce each other or contradict each other. Not all the influences can be felt, understood, lead to significant events. In the case of conflicting trends it makes sense to rely on favorable ones and be attentive to matters in those areas for which there is intense impact. 'Tense', 'conflict' and 'complex' effects suggest that the situation in your life needs some changes and it is likely that they will occur. This is the most intense time, which requires understanding of the situation, switching on and studying, usage of energy and strength. Then the changes may be important and positive, this can become the move to another level. 'Tense' aspects can also mean that you will be emotional, irritable, agitated, aggressive more than the usual, so during this time be rigorous to yourself, control yourself and be critical. The presence of intense effects does not mean that you should refuse things that are important to you, you simply need to assess the influence of the circumstances at the moment and make the most rational decision. To neutralize difficult situations try to use time when there are favorable influences along with the tense influences. Favorable influences suggest that the time is good for a particular action and result in this field will be easier to achieve than at any other time. They also point out that this is the best time to reveal your talents, abilities, your potential.

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