General planetary influences

The coordinates of the planets and houses
Sun Gemini 20° 11'
Moon Gemini 24° 49'
Mercury Gemini 20° 27'
Venus Cancer 10° 10'
Mars Cancer 29° 35'
Jupiter Pisces 2° 2'
Saturn Aquarius 13° 15'
Uranus Taurus 12° 55'
Neptune Pisces 23° 8'
Pluto Capricorn 26° 23'
NDE Gemini 10° 47'
ASC Aquarius 13° 7'
II Aries 22° 25'
III Taurus 24° 28'
IV Gemini 13° 27'
V Gemini 28° 58'
VI Cancer 15° 43'
VII Leo 13° 7'
VIII Libra 22° 25'
IX Scorpio 24° 28'
MC Sagittarius 13° 27'
XI Sagittarius 28° 58'
XII Capricorn 15° 43'
Ретроградный Меркурий

Retrograde Mercury. It is not advisable to start completely new businesses, sign contracts, buy cars, do not make any surgical operations, as the whole operation or its part will possibly need redoing. Various reorganizations, reissues, corrections of past mistakes, repairs, return to the past projects, relief of unnecessary things, shall be of use.

День планеты
Friday - Venus

The Day of Venus. Venus is the planet of love. Beauty and harmony. Its energies are favorable for personal meetings and acquaintances, creative activities, everything related to arts and aesthetics, for social events, exibitions, beauty salons, for solving matters of argument, for settlement of legal issues. It is a good time for marriage ceremony. You may solve your financial problems too. Recreation and pleasant pastime.

Градус Солнца
Градус Солнца 20° 11′ Gemini

The degree of Uranus and Sagittarius

The degree of healing, occultism. Quarrels, jealousy, strange nature. The degree of great dependence. Unsuccessful attempts to reach high ranks. Passion for sports. With strong signs of Libra, Aquarius, Cancer and Gemini can bring about homosexuality (ASA). Little initiative, love of sports, risk of typhus. The degree of Venus (Kefer)

"An excited march of workers". Revolutionizing effect of mental ides on people's collective emotions and desires. Emotional outburst. A blind struggle. The Compelling Force of Fate (Radjar)

Фазы Луны
Waxing Gibbous. First phase

Increscent moon (from Dark Moon till Full Moon). Time when the Moon comes ahead the Sun in Zodiac. It is the time of growth and renewal. It is better to start new businesses, new projects when the Moon waxes. Therein it is also better to start new life, new business, new projects. It is known that if you cut hair when the moon waxes, they will be more active and grow faster, and will be stronger as well.

The first phase (0-90). It is time to break the ground. There may be new people in your life during this period and new ideas arise. There is much energy, there are new stimuli to develop. You turn up your sleeves, falling into your ambitious plans. There is energy and enthusiasm in excess. However, sometimes it is difficult to navigate, everything around may seem a bit vague, and targeting a thing, you may get just the opposite one finally. Thus be more careful about any financial investments. And do not rush to bind yourself to specific liabilities. It is not worth waiting for their 100% completion from others as well. You may lack the required information, but rely on your intuition. It is a period of scheduling, trials and research. It is a good time for studies.

Луна без курса
Луна без курса 00:00 - 10:22

The Moon void-of-course.

Unproductive time. Postpone important meetings, negotiations, start of new projects, signature of important documents, financial deals and other events of great importance.

Лунный день
First lunar day 00:00 - 04:07

Symbol - a lampion, a lampad, a lamp.

It is a nice, clear and bright day. Devote this day to everything, uplifting your soul. The day is unfavorable to teamwork, thus avoid throngs of people and unnecessary contacts. It might be well to remember your childhood, figure out our life path, read the books on history of your nation. Talk about all your thoughts and pains to yourself, forgive the wrong to your friends and haters; this eliminates all accumulated complexes.

This day has some magical properties. It is suitable for involvement with mental energies, as well as thought forms. Be careful with reflections - it is possible that you develop thought forms, which may translate into reality and bring disaster.

It is also a day for creative concepts. Do not start new businesses, just plan them. All plans of this day can materialized later on without let or hindrance from our side. 

As for medical matters, this day is related to your head. Do not overwork, do not eat hot and spicy food, drink alcohol, as your energy may be released into your internal organs. In return, this may cause calculi formation. First of all, eliminate mental causes of your illnesses. The one catching illness this day may be ill long, but is sure to recover.

Stones - diamonds, rock crystals.

Second lunar day 04:07 - 24:00

Symbol - jaws, the horn of plenty, a catching mouth.

The second lunar day is good for fast and setting a proper diet. It is nice to start a course of physical exercises this day.

Do not give oneself up to anger, avoid conflicts and willies this day. The day predisposes to greediness, therefore develop generosity in every possible way and do not feel sorry for what we break free of.

This day you may define things useful and harmful to your body. Imagine all products you eat. If you feel disgusted with something, it's not your food. The one you want is useful for you. The same refers to people - you may suddenly feel the one you need to communicate, and the one you needn't.

As for medical matters, pay attention to your mouth, tooth, upper part of the palate. Illnesses of this day are of short duration and have no dangerous after-effects.

Stones - jadeite, calcedony, chatoyant agate.

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