Horoscopes have long and firmly entered the lives of people, regardless of their activities. For most of us, horoscopes are associated with popular astrology in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television. Popular astrology is amusing someone, annoying someone, leaving someone indifferent. However, popular astrology has nothing to do with ASTROLOGY AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.
 Professional astrology makes it possible to consider a person’s individual traits - his life potential.
The well-known popular astrology, known as entertainment, divides all of humanity into 12 parts, and for one-twelfth of the entire population of the Earth, it gives the same interpretation of life with the forecast arising from it.
 DISTINCTIVE FEATURE OF PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGY - accurate calculation and construction of an INDIVIDUAL HOROSCOPE - a symbolic star map of a person’s earthly fate
 This star map reflects the position of all the planets of the solar system at the time of human birth. This card is unique, it belongs to only one person. Fully in all relationships and elements of the horoscope is repeated once every approximately billion years. Each factor in the horoscope can tell a lot, much can be foreseen. On the sign in which the sign of the zodiac is the planet and in what proportion it depends on other planets, how a person will manifest in a particular area, how certain aspects of his character will be expressed.
 INDIVIDUAL HOROSCOPE, built with the help of professional astrology, helps to understand a person’s potential and make a forecast of its development.
It should be noted that astrology is the only area of ​​human knowledge that can work with time. It allows you to answer the question that at a certain time it may become the most important and relevant, what kind of problems it will have to face.
Individual astrological forecasts are intended to:
 understand the relationships and interdependencies that are inherent in a particular person,
how to get out of this or that situation
help set life priorities.

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