April 27 - FULL MOON in Libra.


April 27 - FULL MOON in Libra. It is a full moon filled with energy, the Moon under the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, Mercury and Venus.
The topic of interpersonal relationships, the ability to make connections and get along with people will be touched upon.

The full moon on April 27 is called the PINK and Supermoon. This is the time when the Moon passes as close to the Earth as possible, so it glows brighter than usual, and it seems especially large.

The American Indians named the first full moon after the vernal equinox Pink, after the wild phlox flowers that bloom earlier than others.
This full moon was also considered Fish because of the beginning of spawning.
The third name - Egg Full Moon - appeared later and was associated with Easter.
This full moon gives rise to new hopes, inspires people who have recently lost faith in themselves.

It should be noted. that from April 28, Pluto will start retrograde motion. It is unlikely that this will immediately lead to some serious events or important changes.

The slow planet has been in Capricorn since February 28 and will remain there until the end of June; some events of the beginning of spring will be continued.

Pluto will be retrograde until October 6, 2021.
For some, it will be a time when the heap of problems will gradually decrease, external pressure and tension will ease, and things will go more smoothly.
For others, during such periods, unexplained things happen related to accountable resources (misuse may occur).

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