Astrology can support people in difficult times.


Everyone loves fairy tales, because in them GOOD EVIL wins, and everyone gets what they deserve.
Of course, everyone understands that miracles do not seem to happen, and all “these are just fairy tales”. However, the desire to somehow streamline Brownian movement in life, to find causal relationships of everything that happens to us, does not disappear anywhere. This desire is especially intensified in times of crisis, when the number of unemployed and really lost in people's lives increases.

First, astrology helps explain the inexplicable. It reduces anxiety, calms, relaxes and helps to survive troubles. The main thing here is not to go to extremes. Because astrology indicates the direction of motion. But if a person does not make any efforts in this direction, then it is unlikely that this will happen. As the saying goes: "Under a lying stone, water does not flow."
If the happy or not very situation indicated by astrology nevertheless happened completely by accident, then the behavior, decisions, conclusions will depend only on the person himself. It is important to remember: "There is no silver lining."

Secondly, astrology can provide work and additional income, which in a crisis can be perceived as a “life buoy”. You just need to become an astrologer using any computer astroprogram, including STAR WAY, or gather a team of like-minded people next to you, an astro program among the population.

Psychologists say that how a person perceives astrological information depends on his thinking patterns, namely:
from FAITH to own luck,
from the implementation of the principle “DO GOOD - IT WILL BE BACK TO THE CAPITAL”: a kind word, in passing the help provided sometimes works like in a fairy tale,
from EASY PERCEPTIONS to the surrounding reality.

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