August 19 - NEW Moon in Leo


August 19 - NEW Moon in Leo.
This is the beginning of a creative and creative life span. Everyone will have to show their I in all its glory in that area of ​​life where everyone has an active Leo sign.
Keep in mind that 2 days after the New Moon, the emphasis will shift from the sign of Leo to the sign of Virgo.
It is only these two days that you can take the height with impudence and insolence. Then achievement will require painstaking work and attention to detail.

Sun or Asz in Aries.
You need to pay more attention to how you spend your leisure time. Get yourself a hobby, start taking an interest in upcoming cultural events.

Sun or Asz in Taurus,
You will fight for leadership in the family. Don't do what you would like to hide, and vice versa, do what you can show people: move, buy expensive things, arrange family holidays.

Sun or Asz in Gemini.
You will become a leader among your close circle - relatives, neighbors, friends. An interesting trip is possible. You will be able to self-actualize in your studies.

Sun or Asc in Cancer
Financial life comes first. You will receive gifts, bonuses, awards, so others will think that you are richer than you really are.

Sun or Asz in Leo
The heyday will begin. You will become more independent and self-sufficient. There will be many situations in which you will be in the spotlight. You will only do what makes sense to you personally.

Sun or Asc in Virgo
A secret life will begin. There will be more things in it that are not known to outsiders.

Sun or Asz in Libra
New Moon in Leo suggests paying attention to group projects.
Look for like-minded people, spend more time with friends, find "your" communities and interest groups. Don't miss out on opportunities to show off at group events
Sun or Asz in Scorpio
Break out into the leaders at work. If your business, it will take the lead among competitors. And for this, in new projects that you start with New Moon, you need to be creative. And don't forget about catchy ads.

Sun or Asz in Sagittarius
In the near future, a trip abroad or the appearance of new foreign acquaintances awaits.
A favorable month for touring and competing abroad begins. And for students this is the best time to start studying, they will stand out from the crowd of classmates.

Sun or Asz in Capricorn
Financial life is intensifying.
You will deal with other people's money, solve new issues in the tax, bank, insurance company. You can get an inheritance or invest profitably in someone else's business.

Sun or Asz in Aquarius
Awaiting the start of a business or personal partnership. A person will appear in life who will take an important place in it. The beginning month will be good for a wedding, making deals and signing contracts, conducting and receiving consultations.

Sun or Asz in Pisces

You will have new responsibilities. Therefore, the horoscope recommends that you pay more attention to your health, so that it does not fail at a crucial moment. Start a course of treatment or recovery, this month it will give the maximum effect.

Information source: Astromeridian

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