Do planets affect the weather? The answer is simple! Yes! Influence!


Do planets affect the weather?
The answer is simple! Yes! Influence!
Everything is simple!
The science of astrometeorology seeks to understand how planetary influences affect the weather.
Astrometeorology itself has roots in ancient times. A long time ago, astrologers and magicians of ancient times noticed the relationship of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets with certain weather phenomena.
How this happens - whether the positions of the luminaries and planets affect the weather or the connection is not so unambiguous - is difficult to say.
But there is a fact - the positions of the planets in the zodiac and the weather are connected.
It is possible that each element of the solar system exerts an important influence on all other elements through gravity, that the Sun causes daily, annual and other variations in the magnetic field.
Many people are ready to admit that there is a certain influence of the planets on the mobile atmosphere of our Earth. Moreover, the connection between these two subjects is definitely neither simple nor direct. In spite of the storms that occasionally accompanied the battles and death of kings, it is a fact that sunny weather does not guarantee us only pleasant events, and that good luck is not forbidden in bad weather.

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