May 22 - the day of the union of Mercury with Venus in Gemini


May 22 - the day of the union of Mercury with Venus in Gemini. And it's good that this day - Friday - on the eve of the weekend!
Venus in Gemini gravitates to talking about love, romantic correspondence and love lyrics. She incites in any, the most innocuous conversation, add flirty intonations and spicy hints.

It would seem like a beautiful day. After all, what could be better than opening up in feelings when nothing interferes with the conversation, the words themselves will lie on the tongue, and if your vis-a-vis does not answer the feelings, then at least they will treat them with understanding and respect? But not so simple.

Everything spoils the exact square of Neptune to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus, and the retrograde of Venus itself.
Both of these indicators are confusing and distort the real state of affairs.

Retrograde Venus loves to analyze feelings and reflect on personal topics. And then put it on the table. If your feelings do not cool by the end of summer, then give it to your partner. And if during this time you realize that the novel was a mistake, then you will not have to regret what was said.

The romantic situation will not pass by three signs - Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
The twins will be in love or, at least, they will have in mind the person whose attention they want to achieve. The conversation initiative will be theirs. In love they will confess.
Sagittarius will be surrounded by a person who likes them. A romantic conversation will take place on his initiative. Not Sagittarius will be recognized in love, but someone else - to them.
Aquarius will relate to what is happening less easily. They will confess their love and receive recognition, considering everything as a game and not taking what is said to heart.

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