On May 26 (June 6), 1799, the great poet ALEKSANDR SERGEYEVICH PUSHKIN was born


Pushkin was born under the sign of TWINS, and besides, during the period when the Sun was connected with the most positive of the planets - Jupiter. Such a connection promises a born fame and glory. The airy nature of the sign of Gemini contributed to the formation of a powerful intellect and literary gift.

According to the memoirs of M.N. Makarov, one French scientist, Gilles, said about little Pushkin: "Wonderful child! How he began to understand everything early! God forbid that this child should live and live; you will see what will come out of it."

MERCURY in the 4th sector of the horoscope (family and family sector) contributed to the intellectual development of little Alexander received at home. Everyone knows that the nanny and grandmother literally fed Pushkin with popular belief, the spirit of the Russian land.

There is evidence that the uncle of Alexander Nikita Kozlov was not only a connoisseur and narrator of epics and fairy tales, but he himself created poems for fairy tales.

Later, Pushkin will challenge a duel to Baron Korf, who has offended his uncle, and Nikita Kozlov is already an old man; he will carry the poet’s body to the last shelter after the fatal duel of 1837.

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