The second decade of the month for Aries


In the third decade of April, Aries must be prepared for heavy workloads. It is even possible that, temporarily, they will have to assume other people's duties and work for two. But financial compensation for overtime work will be very solid. It is likely that during this period Aries will find themselves in the epicenter of alien quarrels and squabbles, in which they should not interfere in any way. In order not to be drawn into an ugly history, it is desirable for Aries to maintain neutrality and go about their business. Relationship with a loved one will be quite dynamic and passionate. There may be violent quarrels and no less violent reconciliation. In any case, Aries will not be bored. The main thing - to follow, to clarify the relationship did not go too far. At the end of the month, Aries will have to devote a lot of time to their children, who will require increased attention and care, as well as elderly family members who will urgently need help and understanding.

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