What do you need to do to BECOME AN ASTROLOGIST?


What do you need to do to BECOME AN ASTROLOGIST?

First, you need to learn to understand the signs and constantly study the updated information on this topic.

Secondly, you need practice, practice and practice, during which you need to study various types of people, their behavior in different situations, compare them with each other, analyze and draw conclusions.

The creation of individual horoscopes is not an easy job, and therefore most astrologers use astrological computer programs, one of which is the STAR WAY astro program.

And this is quite justified, since all these programs are the accumulation of the experience of professional astrologers, without whose help novice astrologers cannot do.

How to START A BUSINESS by drawing up individual horoscopes?
First, it should be interesting to you. The reason - just for the sake of income, will not work here. You need, as they say, a "spark", then it will turn out. They will talk about your "spark", transfer information from mouth to mouth, and gradually people in you will reach out.
Secondly, if you start studying astrology from “0”, you will need to read a lot. and read better books, articles of the best specialists in the field of astrology. Therefore, first write yourself a list of such pros.
Third, it is practice. And it is better to start practice with your closest circle of acquaintances. With them, you can work out the practice of convincing the importance and necessity of astrology and drawing up individual horoscopes, natal charts, etc. And these acquaintances and friends should be made their first customers, albeit for a symbolic fee or just as a gift.

Remember, starting to work as an astrologer, first there is a process of creating a reputation, and only then you can think about materializing your astro services.
But in this case, "the game is worth the candle": astrology is a promising business that can become a profitable household business.

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