From antiquity, astrologers were at the courts of the kings who suggested to the sovereign the most favorable time for making management decisions. This type of astrology is called MUNDAL (from the Latin. Mundus - the world).

Nowadays, astrologers with this knowledge can calculate the likelihood of political change, the threat to security, the risk of epidemics. A striking example of the mundal forecast is the well-known PREDICTION Madame TESIER. A month before the plane destroyed the towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the French astrologer predicted a high probability of an air attack and a terrorist attack.

It is also important in mundal astrology that knowledge is WHICH DAYS ARE WOMEN and WHAT ARE MEN.

So, SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY - MEN'S DAYS. They are controlled by such planets as SUN, MARS and JUPITER. These days it is good to begin those affairs which are demanded by will and energy. As they say, this is “time to scatter stones”.

MONDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY - these are the days controlled by MOON, VENUS and SATURN. These are days with FEMALE energy. These days favor harmonization and solitude. These days it is good to start those affairs that require care and custody. This is “time to collect stones.”

IN THE ENVIRONMENT of which MERCURY rules, it is better to communicate, perceive and transmit information.

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