2020 is rather difficult since on January 27 Lilith, also called the Black Moon, entered the Sign of Aries. It is she who provokes the emergence of mass social problems.
To strengthen immunity, you need to eat fully. Smoothies will not be superfluous.
March 17 (5), 1856 - the birthday of Mikhail Vrubel, a Russian artist of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, who worked in almost all types and genres of fine arts
Why Friday, 13th - a strange day - not all can explain right away. The sign, they say, is this: do not plan anything important for Friday, 13.
Coronavirus aroused keen interest of astrologers around the world and each puts forward his own theories. In particular, one of the interesting theories about the effect of solar eclipses on viral outbreaks has been put forward.
The inertia of the past is strong so that it seems the future will never come. But the dawn is just around the corner and in this sense March gives food for thought, a command to take a breath, retreat to scatter
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