February 6, 9, 17, 24 and 29 are the most difficult days of the month in 2020
Saturn's sextile to Venus in Pisces symbolizes moderation in pleasures, a reasonable choice of things with a balance of beauty and usefulness, the ability to be cute and at the same time keep distance, responsibility in love, and strengthening personal re
It is interesting that the writer Jane Austen fell under the study of the US Astrologers Association, which was conducted in 2010. The research topic concerned the general signs of celibacy in the horoscope of women.
The day ahead is hard, you should not expect anything good in personal terms. There may be situations of aggressive advocacy of justice.
The upper cluster is a harmonious manifestation of the planet, according to its nature. The note sounds clean and without interference. The lower cluster is a distorted manifestation of energy. If we manifest the planet on the lower cluster, then its uppe
This square is associated with unexpected bad luck, an unfortunate set of circumstances and all sorts of incidents. Under his influence, people commit impulsive acts, which they later regret.
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