The luckiest sign of December 2020 will be SAGITTARIUS, since from the first day of the month the Sun will be in the sign, and then Venus will enter there.
NATAL MAP is built on the BASIS of the exact time and place of birth of a person. The astrological natal chart is a circle that is divided into twelve signs and houses. Each house has a planet sign. Traits between the planets indicate the interaction of
November is notable for the fact that most of the unpleasant events can be circumvented. It will only be necessary to observe some precautions: not to do something, or, conversely, to do something on certain days.
The creation of individual horoscopes is not an easy job, and therefore most astrologers use astrological computer programs, one of which is the STAR WAY astro program.
Walt Disney knew his natal chart. In the map there were very weak indications of the opportunity to earn a lot of money. But he applied all his energy precisely in the area in which he had great abilities. Walt Disney has achieved success. If Walt Disney
In the first and second decades of the month - VESAM, and in the third decade - ARIES.
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