2020 is rich in strange dates, each of which has its own fateful significance. Unlike 02. 02.2020 and 02.22.2020, 02.20.2020 is not considered a mirror date, but the difficult combination of “2”, forming a total of “8”, symbolizes infinity and carries wit
The main event of the season is MARS INGRESSION in CAPRICORN from February 16, where he will stay until the end of March, but there is also a pleasant background - JUPITER enters SEXTILES with NEPTUNE, and starting from SUN INGRESSION on FISH 19
Aquarius Georges Simenon always worried about the problem of estrangement between people. Especially if the problem concerned the family.
Astrologers believe that the departure of Prince of Wales Harry from the royal family is due to the fact that Neptune has a powerful influence on him.
Even if on this day everything is planned in advance “from” and “to”, it is unlikely that all points of this plan will be implemented.
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