When choosing a new place of residence, many turn to astrology.
A citizen of Hungary of German descent, Louis de Wol was the self-styled "Modern Nostradamus" and, judging by the descriptions, suffering from delusions of grandeur, craved everyone's attention.
Now astrologers and astronomers are at opposite ends of the scientific spectrum, but this was not always the case.
В четверг 28 февраля в 18 мск. состоится презентация STAR WAY
The success of any crop largely depends on the season, and the correct planting time is very important that each new grain has enough time to grow and ripen the fruit before the cold comes. Astrology can even predict the farmer whether the season will be
Breeding livestock is often a matter of life and death for entire families, so farmers try everything to make sure that animals produce the greatest number of the best offspring.
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