About Horoscopes

What is the difference between your horoscopes and those free horoscopes publicly accessible on the Internet?

Our horoscopes are created by a unique astroprogram Star Way founded by leading astrologers in the world. Free horoscopes are not so precise and unambiguous by definition, and are designed for the general public. Our horoscopes are created for each user based on his/her basic birth data.


How many times and what horoscopes can I order?

You can use the services on the composition of horoscopes by our unique astroprogram "Star Way" unlimited number of times.

Each user pays for the individual horoscope ordered by him for a certain period and type. You can select multiple periods and types of horoscopes. After receipt of the payment the purchased horoscopes appear in the User's back office, whereas the amount in euro bonds for purchased horoscope is credited in his own purse also in the User's back office. 

Can I give a horoscope as a present for my family'n'friends?

Yes, you can.

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