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Can I make money with Star Way?

Yes, we offer you to make money on marketing "Star Way" horoscopes. 

What is Marketing Program Star Way?

High-speed two-phase marketing program designed by specialists, which has no analogues in the world. Unique in simplicity and usage.
This is a marketing program that combines the two phases of marketing, that start working together.

What is the consellation system?

Consellation being the account table allows you to record the number of transactions and order payment of the participants. This is a team work when you need to fill in the consellation.

The algorithm of the consellation system is the same for all consellation. You can participate in all programs at the same time.

What kind of consellation are used in Marketing Program?
How do users appear on consellation?

All arrived users are place on the second and third levels of the consellation. Placement is made from top to bottom and from left to right on to the free cells. The third level is always occupied.

What is euro bond?

Euro bonds are internal means of payment which are equivalent to the amount paid by the user for individual horoscope. Using these tools, the user can only participate in the program "Star Way." It is not allowed to withdraw  euro bonds to one's account or transfer them to other users.

What is euro bonus?

Euro bonuszok are the funds received by the user while participating in the advertising and marketing program "Star Way." When you exit from any type of consellation this type of payment instrument can be used for paying for further participation in the program, transfer to other users, and can be transferred to any bank account specified by the user.

What are the conditions to get money earned by me?

To get money earned, you must have one qualification before leaving the consellation of any consellation type. 

What will happen, if I invite no users?
What is qualification?

Qualification is the one personally invited user or user entering the consellation right after reinvestment before leaving the consellation. 

How many times can I enter the consellation?

The amount of double orders is unlimited.

What is reinvestment?

For the complete execution of the order the user should complete any consellation. After completing the consellation, the company credits euro bons to the user. In accordance with the Consellation Conditions, the user must reinvest the amount of euro bonds by paying for a new placed order on the next consellation of the same type.
Should the user has more consellations of the same type, then the reinvestment is required once only for the consellation of this type.

Are there any "overtaking" in the Marketing program? Can I lose my team because of it?

There are no "overtakings". The Marketing Program Star Way does not have any "overtakings" so you cannot lose your team during work. 

Can I renew my order if I wish to quit the program?

Yes, you can. For this purpose please contact the Administration using the contact details published on website.

To what is equal one euro bond?

One euro bond is equal to one euro.

To what is equal one bonus?

Bonusis the accounting unit within the Marketing Program of Star Way. 

What is a coupon?

The Coupon is the means of payment within the Marketing Program Star Way.

I can not just buy a horoscope, but also earn money on the marketing of horoscopes?

Yes, this is a unique way for earning money.

Are there any age limits for the horoscope purchasing and participation in the Marketing Program?

Yes, there are age limits for participation in the program (allowing the use of horoscopes and registration in the Marketing Program for persons over 18 years).

In what period of time finance information on order appears?

Whan ordering a consellation.

How quickly can I get a coupon?

You can purchase a coupon from your internal account. The coupon will immediately appear in your back office.

How can I put somebody on the consellation using the coupon?

For this purpose you need to activate your coupon, by entering its PIN code.

Is it necessary to activate coupon?

Certainly, the person should follow your link (enter your invitation code), register in the system and activate his/ her account in the system. After this he/ she can activate the coupon using the PIN code you give him/ her. 

Can I withdraw the money I earned?

Yes, you can withdraw money to the specified private account or your account in the payment system. 

Can the place of participant of the project be inherited?

Yes, it can be inherited.

How to register a new participant?

You can register a new participant using your invitation code and completing the registration form.

In what period are the funds credited after completing the consellations?

Immediately, right after the completion.

Where can I found the contract terms?

The General Contract Terms can be found here.

Can I purchase a horoscope without participating in the program?

Yes, you can.

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