Breeding livestock is often a matter of life and death for entire families, so farmers try everything to make sure that animals produce the greatest number of the best offspring.
Initially, astrology was designed to calculate the time of harvesting and planting the crop, and only after a while predictions appeared for people.
No astrologer who understands astrology and has a good reputation will never mislead people who are ignorant of this question and will not say that he will give one hundred percent correct prediction.
A good day for learning, practicing arts, visiting various educational institutions. Chat with friends and loved ones.
It is very important to get a haircut at the right time. This not only benefits your hair and hair, but also, according to Vedic texts, prolongs life. So, the most favorable and not desirable time for a haircut for February 2019.
February 19 will be another astronomical event - Super Moon.
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